It dawned on me whilst I read a series of bitchy comments on facebook by total strangers about somebody I knew, that women are complete bitches.

Don’t think I’d only just come to the realisation but it did unravel that I’d maybe always known this as early on as primary school. I used to watch games shows like ‘The Gladiators’ and want the women to fail; I was forever cheering on the men. Does that suggest that as a child I was already imprinted with the bitch gene?

I’ve always been quite competitive and excelled when it came to sports and art but when I reached secondary school it seemed there were many more pupils (and I went to an all girls school) that were that tiny bit better than me. I got used to it and in time found that writing was my forte.

As teens, bitching can be forgiven but as fully fledged and so called adults, bitching or bullying as it transcends cannot be excused! It makes me so exasperated to witness and hear that women are talking trash about each other, it kills my vibe to think that most are speaking that way, not because you’ve done them wrong but simply because they don’t have enough self confidence and self worth to be happy in themselves.  I can’t say that I’ve never thought “for f*ck sake, she gets everything,” but I can say that the majority of the time I think “damn she’s worked hard and deserves her success.” Hate only generates hate as I say and for all the bitching you do, karma sure will find you.

A friend told me her story, she had been asked to bake a cake for a customer. She was making two batches and had received high recommendations from one customer but the other customer stated and this was after initially expressing joy at the perfection, revealed the cake was inedible and had been thrown away. Soon after my friend was bombarded with threats and then made to feel worried about her safety when over public statuses the customer, along with family members were making plans to make a visit to the baker’s house.

It really unnerves me to learn that women can be so out rightly bitchy, to not be concerned that friends and strangers can see their vicious words and think that it’s just a joke. They say sticks and stones may break bones but words will never hurt… I say that’s a load of rubbish and that a threat is a threat, regardless of being said online or to somebody’s face.

I’m not saying that bitching stems from jealousy because if I’m slating an outfit, it’s really not because deep inside I love it but I believe that there is a fine line between saying something bitchy behind somebody’s back, to openly mocking someone and being a bully. That’s only going to make that person feel crap about themselves and where does the satisfaction in that come in?

It’s no secret that bitching makes us feel better about lives or ourselves but please, could you turn that resting bitch face into a smile from time to time? Find the great in something and promote positivity.

Peace Out!

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