Byron’s first release ‘Amalgamation’ is a collective album, showcasing an assortment of musicians and vocalists who have come together from different music backgrounds to feature across a range of tracks.

Composed entirely by Byron Mark, the album is laced with 15 songs, including his captivating first single ‘Piano Dance’, that puts forth Byron’s natural skill for creating gorgeous piano compositions accompanied by infectious, rhythmic beats. 

The album is a reflection of Byron Mark’s musical history touching on all genres he has performed throughout his 12 years of collaborating with artists and recording live music. Listeners can expect to hear an eclectic array of distinct rhythmic sounds, ranging from up beat jazz-fusion melodies to memorable pop tunes,accompanied by funky acoustic, electronic, African and flamenco beats.

‘Amalgamation’ is a feel-good album spanning many genres, musically and vocally, and is sure to serve up its listeners a degustation of musical delight!

Listeners can purchase the album on Itunes or listen to the full album on Spotify.