Cadenza is a new name on the scene and follows a veritable wave of very young UK artists plying that old reggae dub sound-it’s a sound that’s so nice it has to be played twice! It’s refreshing and huge to see names pushing sounds of our fore fathers and grandparents.


To that effect Oliver Rodigan (an appropriate name me thinks!) aka Cadenza drops Foundation featuring Stylo G and Busy Signal. Foundation is more than just a name for the track-it’s actually a telling title for a track which educates and introduces a younger audience to the name of Coxsone Dodds one of the founding fathers of the genre.

Cadenza’s production sees the twenty five year old sample the seminal track Real Rock produced by Coxsone (the founder of the legendary sound system Coxsone).

It’s a quintessential reggae, dub sound that sees Stylo and Busy toasting tidly over the top of this anthem for summer time.


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