The power is in your hands to get the ‘Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist’ series into production! Assassin’s Fist Limited is seeking support from fans worldwide, through the crowd-sourcing website KickStarter, to help fund the production. Click here to view the campaign on Kickstarter.

The London based company (established by the producers of the YouTube phenomenon: ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’) has been granted the right by Capcom (the Japanese owned publisher/developer of the Street Fighter video game) to produce a TV and online series.

Joey Ansah, one of Assassin’s Fist Limited’s directors, and known for his roles in Hollywood movies such as ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ and ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, commented, “We are asking all the fans of Street Fighter to support our efforts to get the series into production this year. KickStarter makes it possible for fans to make pledges both large and small to receive great rewards and help us complete the budget to start filming”.

Recently the TV series ‘Veronica Mars’ raised US$1 million via KickStarter in a little over 4 hours. It has now secured in excess of US$4 million, from pledges from nearly 70,000 fans, to fund a movie version.

“A lot of fans pledging a small amount of money, can help ‘green light’ projects that the Hollywood studios may not back,” commented Jacqueline Quella, the series’ Producer. “The Street Fighter fans loved the short pilot we made, ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’, so we hope they’ll support our efforts to create something even more amazing”.

Ansah and Quella produced ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’ three years ago and it went on to be a YouTube sensation with over 8 million views, a 98% approval rating and many fans demanding they turn it into a full series. Ansah and Quella have secured nearly two-thirds of the budget they need from traditional sources of funding, but are now turning to fans to help complete the finance they need to get filming.

Street Fighter“I am a huge Street Fighter Fan, and have always dreamed of seeing a live-action film or series that does the game justice. Three years ago I took action and made part of that dream come true with ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’. Now other Street Fighter fans can help me achieve our ultimate dream…” said Ansah at the launch of the KickStarter campaign.

By pledging, fans will receive a range of rewards, from copies of the ‘shooting scripts’, through the limited edition Production Book, all the way up to the original costumes worn by the actors during filming.

“Pledging is a great way for fans to support a project, get something in return and help make their, and our dream, of a truly awesome Street Fighter series come true,” commented the series Executive Producer, veteran Japanese actor, Togo Igawa.