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Images, videos, uploads and downloads. How can fast broadband improve your vlogging or blogging? We’ve all been there, sitting and waiting for a video to upload, we’ve all been there waiting for images and videos to download and we’ve all felt the frustrating of slow broadband.

As a blogger and even more so a Vlogger that deals with videos or fashion blogger that deals with high res images, the speed of your broadband has a direct implication on the speed of your work, and not just the speed of your work, the tone of your work. If you’re sitting there waiting for files to upload or download, you can literally lose inspiration during the frustration.

So How can fast broadband improve your vlogging or blogging?

Faster broadband speeds, means faster uploading and downloading. Even minute spent waiting for files to upload and download is a minute wasted. It’s an ‘every second’ counts type of scenario, isn’t it?

So what can you do about this? The answer is clear… Switch providers an opt for a super-fast broadband that will handle your work flow like how Mary Poppins can handle unruly children.

You need a broadband provider that can multi-task… A provider like EE Home broadband, which has totally unlimited usage – that means you never need to worry about going over your limit. No data caps, no download limits, 24/7

You need a provider that not only gives you unlimited usage, but provider that’s super-fast and if you are looking for super-fast broadband then fibre is the way forward and luckily EE Home Broadband Fibre Plus is 9x faster than standard broadband.

And If you have an EE mobile then the deal is even sweeter – once you’ve got EE broadband they’ll boost your mobile allowance by 5GB as long as you stay with them, which is worth £10 a month, Whoop Whoop!

EE broadband router

Now picture this…

You have videos uploading, while you’re watching youtube and looking at Instagram for inspiration for your next feature. At the same time, you have messages and emails coming to your phone and your TV is probably on Netflix, all of these things need data and super-fast data in order to run smoothly. And what started out as ‘Mission Impossible’, now becomes ‘JOB DONE’!