cancelled that holiday

OK, maybe you’re back at work now (or maybe you’re a key worker who never left the front line – in which case eternal love and respect).

But as for that beach holiday in Croatia (or even Whitstable), we’re willing to bet you’re still taking a rain check on your week in the sun.

We’re all desperate for a change of pace, a change of scenery…a change of mood! But for most of us, it’s still just too early to risk a change of location. So here’s one way you can bring your holibobs home, and take a virtual trip around the world without leaving your primary residence.

Put a Dream Holiday Print on your Wall

Sick of staring at the same old white, beige or grey paint every way you look? For many of us, our bland walls are losing their old tranquil charm. They used to feel so soothing after a big night out – remember those? – but now they’re starting to feel like a neutral-toned prison cell.

cancelled that holiday

Switch up your decor and waking up on a wet Tuesday could feel like the first morning of a fortnight in the Maldives. The answer is a photo wall with a holiday theme. Just find a swoonsome photo of an idyllic beach vista (raid your fave holiday snaps), blow it up and stick it on your wall – the bigger the better. You’ll almost be able to feel the warm breeze, hear the ripple of the waves…and taste that first mai tai.

Or if you’re more into city breaks, choose a ravishing street scene from a tucked-away corner of your favourite middle-European capital. Narrow alleys, magical shafts of light, that cafe with six tables that you stumbled upon at dusk – you’ll be back there someday, but for now, an extra-large print will help you dream. (Just don’t forget it’s only a picture and end up bumping your head.)

Canvas is King

Canvas prints are a perfect choice if you want to give your wall some added wow. Find a top-quality canvas provider like and they’ll print your image on classic artist-grade canvas, then wrap it over a real wooden frame. Expect eye-popping saturated colours that will make your dream holiday pic seem as refreshing as a first dip in the infinity pool.

cancelled that holiday

Impact is everything if you want to turn your wall into a portal to paradise, so choose the biggest print that your budget will allow. When you think how much you’ve saved by staying at home, you might agree that you’ve got the perfect excuse to splash out. Happy (virtual) holidays!

ADDED BONUS: A holiday wall print will make the perfect backdrop for your next video chat. Why not surprise your sis by answering her Zoom call while sitting in front of a white-sand beach, wearing a loud shirt? Or maybe your colleagues like to flaunt their well-stocked bookshelves? This is the perfect way to get one over on them.