carmell RocheCarmell Roche has starred in Dubplate Drama, ad campaigns for top brands like O2, ESPN, Virgin Media, and Big Brother UK and modelled for the likes of Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier. In new British urban comedy Anuvahood she acts alongside Jamie Winstone. Here we have a quick chat with the actress and model.

Carmell, tell us a bit about the character you play in Anuvahood?
I play Kesha; she’s a friend of Yasmin and Maria. Basically, Femi who plays Bookie tries to chat me up but I’m not really interested.

What was it like working with the actors and music artists in Anuvahood?
It was great but most of them are my friends already. Adam’s one of my closest acting friends and Aisleyne is one of my best friends. Also, it was great working with Jaime Winston.

Did you witness any ego trips or diva acts on set?
Nah, it was all fun. Jaime Winston is really down to earth, she’s lovely and amazing. She came up to us and introduced herself ‘hi I’m Jaime’ but in my head I was excited like yes I know your Jaime Winston. But, everyone was chilled to be honest.

What’s your favourite film and why?
The City of God because the acting’s on point and it has the realest storyline.

The guys are no good with girls in the film. What’s the funniest chat-up line you’ve received?
There was this one funny guy who said ‘I’m marrying you, I don’t care what you say, I’m going to drug you and marry you;’ his delivery was great he should’ve been a comedian.

Who is the most famous person’s phone number in your phone right now?

Tell us about a time when you’ve been really romantic…
I got my fiancée a penthouse with a Jacuzzi in the room for Valentines.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
I’ve only acted but I remember getting fired after I did work experience with Mothercare. It wasn’t my fault though because she wanted a maternity bra in a size A!

Finish these sentences:

I love my family because…
They made me who I am.

I hate actors/music artists who…
Forget who they are and think they’re special.

I love summer because…
You can wear hot pants without tights.

I love my hood because…
It’s got the realest people out there. I’m reppin’ NW10.

I hate girls/guys who…
Judge me because I wear designer clothes. I don’t judge you just because you wear cheap clothes jheeze.