Caroline Vreeland wear sultry Agent Provocateur lingerie

German-American singer-songwriter, actress, columnist, and model Caroline Vreeland flaunts her curves in sultry lingerie for the latest Agent Provocateur ICONS campaign.

Following in the footsteps of British singer-songwriter Paloma Faith and Juno Temple who have both spearheaded Agent Provocateur campaigns, Instagram sensation Caroline Vreeland is the 2019 face (and body) of Agent Provocateur.

The Icons Range is a collection of signature and timeless styles by the cult luxury lingerie brand, which makes the heavenly and hedonistic singer-songwriter and fashion muse Caroline Vreeland perfect for this campaign and sees Caroline embodying four archetypical Agent Provocateur moods, from Sensual Romance and Seductive Power through to Daily Elegance and Weekend Indulgence.

Caroline Vreeland comments on the importance of self-empowerment…

It has been quoted that a great dress disappears when a woman wears it. This is the closest way to describe how I feel in Agent Provocateur lingerie. The set, of course, is wildly-breathtakingly visible. But an AP set, no matter how complex or decadent, does not wear the woman. She wears it. She becomes a powerful and confident embodiment of her own fantasy. At the shoot, when I saw my curves, my tummy, my breasts, accentuated and celebrated by the lingerie and not hidden by it or disguised within it that is when I felt sexy. AP lingerie is a celebration.

Sensual Romance

That mood when you roll out of bed like the star of your own romantic film. Tender. Spontaneous. Ethereal femininity.

The dishevelled loveliness of Sensual Romance is translated in vintage-style lace in seductive tones of pink and nude. Lorna, Lindie, Anja and Joan styles encapsulate this intimate mood.

Seductive Power

When you know what you want and just how to get it.  This mood likes it darker.  Bold.  Mesmeric. Provocative grace.

The Mercy corset is the ultimate expression of Seductive Power. Panels of quintessential lace with rigid embroidery control the body and give the ultimate fifties hourglass look, while a flesh-coloured lining gives the illusion of skin beneath.

Daily Elegance

Sometimes soft and easy is the most sensual mood of all. When you want all the elegance every day, no compromises, just confidence.

Daily Elegance is embodied by the perpetually enchanting Hinda Bra and Hinda Brief in versatile black, crafted from delicate French Leavers Chantilly lace.

Weekend Indulgence

Silk nightwear, luxurious gowns, this mood is all about indulging in the moment. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do. Irresistible, inviting. Let them come to you.

The Clea Wireless Bralette and Clea Brief define Weekend Indulgence. Crafted from a soft, smooth black modal fabric and cut for ultimate comfort, they feature the Agent Provocateur branding in playful pink.

The Agent Provocateur ICONS collection is OUT NOW #Forevericonic #unAPologetic.

Wherever you choose, whenever you want to indulge, unlock your most iconic self with Agent Provocateur and their intimate creations of timeless luxury.