The Australian indie-pop band San Cisco are back with their brand new album Gracetown, a thrilling burst of colourful sounds and creativity.

They’ve had a busy year with touring and festivals but we had the pleasure of catching up with them before they head back out on tour, and we have a feeling these guys are only gonna get busier as they move on up!

Hey San Cisco, thanks for taking the time to chat, how are you doing?
Hi! We are all good! Getting ready for our Australian tour which has been quite hectic but good fun.

You just had an album launch show here in London, what was it like?
It was great fun! It sold out and the crowed was really into it. It’s really nice to see people on the other side of the world enjoy our music.

You’ve toured quite extensively which must mean you’ve spent a lot of time together in what can sometimes be a testing environment, what do you think is key for a band to keep a strong bond and stick together?
That’s a hard one. I think you just need to be respectful of each other and know when someone needs to be left alone. Apart from that just rip the shit out of each other as much as you can hahha.

Does one of you usually write or are your songs all about various experiences you’ve each been inspired of?
I (Jordi) write most of the lyrics and they are usually inspired by all sorts of relationships that exist around me. I actually find it really hard to write about fully fabricated situations.

Sometimes the music comes first and other times it’s the lyrics. I think that is why there is so much variation in our songs, the song writing process is always different.

Your videos, much like your music, are very experimental and bubbly, does this reflect what you’re like in reality?
I think everything we do as a band reflects our personalities quite well.

How do you recreate and bring that same energy into your live shows?
Usually a Red Bull, some whiskey and a good crowd does the trick.

Will we be seeing any of it on the festival line-ups this summer?
Don’t think I’m allowed to say anything about that yet 😉

When releasing a new album there must be lots to take in at once, what has been the most exciting thing about this release so far?
I think the most interesting and exciting part of releasing a new album is seeing the reaction of our friends and fans.

To wrap this up, could you tell us what your favourite UK moment’s been?
Probably the last show in London was a highlight of UK dates. and Follow them on twitter @SanCiscoMusic

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