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Fifa 15 Reveals Breathtaking New Commercial!


If you wasn't excited for the release of Fifa 15 yet then EA Sports advert for this years installment will certainly seal the deal! FIFA 15 brings football to life in stunning detail so fans can experience the emotion of the sport like never before. Witness the intensity of crowds chanting and cheering like on match day, and listen to...

Block Party: New world record set for the largest human Tetris gathering in history

To mark the 30th anniversary of the iconic Tetris video game, 293 fans gathered in London earlier this week to set a new world record for the most human Tetris pieces joined together. It has been just over 30 years since one of the most famous video games of all time – Tetris – was unleashed into the world, bringing...

Far Cry 4 – Trailer


With Far Cry 4, you will find yourself in Kyrat, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king, Pagan Min. With terrain spanning from lush forests to the snowcapped Himalayas, the entire world is alive…and deadly.From leopards, rhinos, black eagles, and vicious honey badgers, Kyrat is home to abundant...

KIng Raidenn: Custom tactics for FC Barcelona on FIFA14 @KingRaidenn


This video is about custom tactics for FC Barcelona. In the video I show you how to make teams play better on FIFA 14 and how it can help you to win more games on FIFA. Hope this helps you guys and hopefully you guys enjoy this video.Twitter: Facebook: Youtube:

Flavour Gaming – Football Manager 2014

Partners, bosses and teachers all over the country today will be feeling the effect of the release of the worlds most popular sporting manager simulation game - Football Manager 2014! Football Manager is a legacy that many have grown up with and each year the budding Jose Mourinhos and Alex Fergusons of our nation get to work, attempting to...

[Video] Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris launch trailer


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is the successor to the critically-acclaimed Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Featuring four-player co-op, Lara Croft joins forces with rival archaeologist Carter Bell and imprisoned Egyptian gods Horus and Isis, to defeat the evil god Set. Players must work together to defeat hordes of enemies, solve devious puzzles, and avoid deadly...

Fifa 15 Demo Now Available To Download On All Platforms!


The day has finally arrived for football fans all over the UK - the Fifa 15 Demo is now available on all platforms! It is free to download on XBOX, PlayStation and PC. Gamer's will have the opportunity to play as: Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Dortmund, Napoli, Barcelona and Boca Juniors.First opportunity to try out the vast amount of new features such as:New...

10 worst games of all time

Today, people of all ages enjoy playing video games. Whether it’s a short 10-minute morning blast before work or school or a prolonged weekend session, video games are a hugely popular pastime. They’ve become synonymous with modern life and most Western households feature at least one console as well as a home computer that is also capable of playing...

The Grand Theft Auto Online San Andreas Flight School Update Now Available!


You think you've got what it takes to be awesome? Want to take yourself to the absolute limit – hell, past the limit – and live to high-five on the other side? Get yourself down to The San Andreas Flight School. Grab the stick of the fast and nimble Western Besra training jet and push it to the edge of the envelope....

Flavour Gaming: 2K Sports Set To Continue Autumn Game Fest!


With the beginning of Autumn conjuring up some what of a purple patch for gamers 2K Sports have two new offerings to tempt gamers away from GTA! The hugely popular NBA 2K14 released last Friday with WWE 2K14 set for release on November 1st. You can catch the trailers for both below and keep an eye out for our...

The Emergence of PayPal in the E-Commerce Industry

When PayPal entered the online business world or the so-called e-commerce industry, there were a lot of changes that brought business transactions into a better light. Since its advent in 1998, PayPal is still one of the best payment options existing today. Because of its simple interface, it has become the default payment method used by millions of business...

Five Nostalgic Mobile Games

It does not matter how many new mobile games are released, there will only ever be a certain number of classics. For many, Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Words With Friends, might fill the void left by some of the classic, but it does not matter how hard a developer tries, they will fail to recreate the simplicity and excitement...

The Evil Within – Gameplay Trailer


The Evil Within is the survival horror game developed at Tango Gameworks under the direction of legendary game designer and studio head, Shinji Mikami – is now available in North America and Europe. The chilling new game is available for Xbox One , Xbox 360, PlayStation4, PlayStation3 and Windows PC. The Evil Within embodies the meaning of pure survival horror....

Alien: Isolation – Out Now!


Alien: Isolation is a thrilling first-person survival horror experience that will focus on capturing the horror and tension evoked by Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic film. Developed by Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and Windows PC.On a decommissioned trading station in the fringes of space, fear and panic have gripped...

Imminent ‘Destiny’ Launch Takes UK Cities To The Future!


In anticipation of the launch of Activisons epic new first-person shooter 'Destiny' the National Space Centre has developed a sense of what the future of space travel could look like and how this could change some of the UKs best known cityscapes including London. Destiny is a brand new videogame that is pushing boundaries in both gameplay development and artistic style. Many of...

Black Ops II – Domination In Nuketown (walkthrough guide) @KingRaidenn


Our youngest journalist King Raidenn, give us the Black Ops II - Domination In Nuketown walkthrough.Follow him on Twitter: and Facebook : subscribe to his youtube channel here:

GTA 5 Secret Paint Job @KingRaidenn @RockstarGames @RockstarGTAV


TRON Evolution & Ghost Rider Custom Respray Guide On GTA 5 Online. This is a short video of me remaking TRON Evolution's & Ghost Rider's vehicles in GTA V. Enjoy!Follow me on @KingRaidenn