Thursday, November 21, 2019


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How to: keep your hair spectacular with great products

pick and mix hair styling

Styling your hair isn’t as simple as slapping on some hairspray and giving it the hold of Amy Winehouse’s beehive circa 2006. It’s a delicate process, an art form of sculpting and weaving and regular maintenance. But you don’t have to create the follicle equivalent of the Sistine Chapel on your lonesome. Like any master craftsperson, we can recommend you...

5 great body treatments for 2016

body treatments

There are many things that you are probably already busying yourself with in order to look better than you ever have for 2016. Perhaps you are frequenting the gym, serving up a greater amount of nutritious food for a healthier diet, or taking a daily vitamin tablet. You could also consider signing up for the following wonderfully effective body treatments.DermarollerStretch...