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REVIEW: Foxcroft and Ginger, Whitechapel

Foxcroft & Ginger Whitechapel

London is known for taking places known as 'cheap and cheerful' and turning them 'expensive and elitist' but the Whitechapel area on the edge of Shoreditch has escaped all these tags. The main high street of Mile End Road has escaped all these tags and managed to achieve a happy medium in 'affordable and amiable'. It's still easy to...

REVIEW – Sarastro Restaurant in Drury Lane

In our search to find the idea date location we thought we'd check out one of Central London's querkist restaurants. Sarastro in Drury Lane sits in the heart of London's theatre Land and has embraced its location fully. It's a Turkish restaurant and captures this theme with a setting taken straight from Arabian Nights. Velvet table clothes and gilt furniture gives...

Review: Pot and Grill (Stratford)

I love Caribbean food but strictly home cooked food-in other words I am damn picky a chef’s nightmare I assume. I have been to a few Caribbean restaurants and the last one left me scarred, battered and damn high because there was way too much sugar in every dish. The starter was sweet (it was meant to be savoury),...

London Restaurant Review: Steam & Rye

I'm always excited by a new restaurant opening, especially one   We went to sample the newly opened prohibition style, Steam and Rye in the City. A beautiful, charlston dressed host showed us through a packed bar to our table.  It is Christmas party season and at 9pm it's in full swing, with a trio of 1920s style singers on stage. the...

Review: LIMBO

Somewhere between rapture and damnation lies the world of LIMBO. A fantastical cosmos of fire eating, gravity defying chaos which beckons you inside with a lustful grin. LIMBO is a unique blend of circus, gig and general jaw dropping antics which leave the audience riveted and slightly perturbed. Watching supposed human beings bend themselves in half, scamper up poles and...

Macdonald Berystede: The place to relax and rejuvenate

Whether you're at work or studying as well as trying to make time to see friends and family the toils of life have a habit of taking its toll, so it's good to take a break from reality and relax and rejuvenate. I decided to  do that recently with a girl friend, so we hoped in a car to...