Friday, December 3, 2021


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Clever Ways to Eat Better

healthy eating

Everyone wants to eat better but not everyone wants to make the huge lifestyle changes required. Human beings are creatures of habit, and changes are more likely to stick when they are slowly introduced. If you are someone that wants to get smart in regards to what you are eating on a daily basis, you might need a bit of...

Vote Marshals Cheer & Dance to win an AVIVA community fund


Please help up to support Marshals Cheer & Dance group by going to and voting for them to win the AVIVA community fund to help towards the cost of buying a new spring floor. The safest training/performance floor out there, it greatly reduces injury, while enhancing performance. The children at Marshals Cheer & Dance practise 2 - 3 times...

5 Areas Of Our Homes That House Owners Neglect


  When it comes to being a home owner, there are lots of jobs that we ignore and put off to a later date that never actually comes because you are busy bringing up a family, going to work and generally living life. This means that it is easy for a property to have parts of it that get neglected and...

6 Tips for Modernizing Your Home

Family homes are sources of pride, but they do not always age as well as you'd like. If your family has resided in the same abode for decades, it likely shows signs of wear and tear that can feel outdated at best. In addition to lacking modern style, older homes also tend to lack the functionality and convenience of newer...

How To Reduce Expenses For Your Food Truck Business

food truck business

A food truck business can be quite lucrative. In fact, it is often a much better idea than starting a fully-fledged restaurant since the costs are far lower so there can be more of a profit margin. There are a lot of other benefits as well, but the one that concerns most operators is the cost.The profit margins also depend...