Monday, December 11, 2023

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Future Flavours #5 Rudi Zygadlo


So Future Flavours is back again after said writer (me) took a little break where I rejuvenated, re-invigorated and realized that I could not wait to get back and check out some fresh talent. So here we go with Future Flavours #5 Rudi Zygadlo who certainly brings something quite different.Before we get onto her the regular look at music news....

Future Flavours #4-Bebe Rexha


Ok so here we go for another instalment and this time it’s Future Flavours #4 with Bebe Rexha. As usual before we get on to the artist in question let’s take a quick look at music news and this week Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift take some lumps out of each other. Nicki seemed aggrieved that Anaconda with its powerful...

Future Flavours: #3 Espa


So it’s that time for Future Flavours #3 Espa. Now before we get onto this amazing talent let’s take a quick look at the music news where Taylor Swift used her millions of followers to persuade Apple that maybe they were being a delicate area of the body used for waste disposal. Stopping artists getting their royalties come on! Swift...

Future Flavours #2: XO

So here we go with Future Flavours #2: XO, now before we get onto this truly awesome producer a quick bit of music news. When does longevity become desperation? Well I would say look no further than Madonna who is set to release a single featuring a bevy of ‘young’ global female singing sensations (rather like Taylor Swift). Her cheesily...

Future Flavours #1- Remi


Hope you are all good. In the week where Iggy Azalea continues to get poleaxed by; man, woman, old, young, infirmed and those having a bad day, I bring you the new incarnation of Future Flavours.Instead of my monthly behemoth Future Flavours will switch to a weekly post of a band or artist of the week-no sharing the spotlight...