We’ve all been there, haven’t we? The New Years Eve hype or shall we say inti-climax.

Its starts of with trying to organise all your friends, then getting tickets for the event you choose, which of course is now double the usual ticket price on New Years Eve. Then comes the double taxi fare there and back and the extortionate price of drinks on the night because its New Years Eve.

Why bother with all of that when you can do a KLM christmas? Think about it, you can fly somewhere fantastic with great prices from KLM. How about Beijing or Bankok, Accra or Dubai?? These are only a handful of the destinations on offer to celebrate in style with KLM.

KLM has a very simply and clean website, easy to use. There is no booking fee your tickets, no charge for name changes on tickets, you even get 24 hours to change your mind once you have booked. Pretty cool right? Yeah we think so too.

Go on, do something different this and in the meantime take a look at this Merry Christmas video from KLM.