Black history doesn’t have to be about chains, whips and series of watching Kunta Kente. So this month at Flavour Magazine we take the microscope off a month of anguish and bad memories. Instead we will be focusing on great African empires that shaped aspects of civilisation through its Kings, Queens scholars, trade, architecture and astrology.

Ancient Egypt is known stereotypical for its magnificent pyramids being one of the seventh wonders of the world it is no wonder architects still ponder on this divine creation. There are over eighty pyramids in Egypt; these incredible and influential objects represent ‘houses of eternity’.  The largest and most well preserved eternity houses can be found in Giza.  The pyramids are a prime example of Egyptians knowledge within astrology because all the pyramids are aligned with certain stars that are very symbolic. Hidden deep within the Pyramids archaeologists have found ancient mummies of the greatest Pharaohs and Queens all wrapped up for their afterlife, almost like the movie The Mummy.

The ancient Egyptian Empire also had ‘sister’s doing it for themselves’ with its matriarchal monarchy. Queen Nefertiti, Queen Tiye, and Cleopatra all reigned over Egypt structuring the Egyptian civilisation with their brilliance and beauty. As for the King’s Tutankhamen has to be the most famous king that came from Egypt; he came to the throne at the tender age of nine. His prominent reign came to an end after ten years with a mysterious death.

Sacred cults, blood lineage, and worshiping of unknown Gods; Ancient Egypt has to be the most mysterious part of black history.  This empire filled with an amazing dynasty of Kings and Queens was on the fertile land of the banks of the Nile; learn more about the Ancient Egyptian legacy at The British Museum this October

Words by Crystal Straker

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