Oh yes, yes, yes! It’s celebrity love bites…. We’re giving all of you beautiful Flavour readers a little pre Valentines climax with some celebrity love bites. Find out their secret crushes, seduction tracks and what turns them on and off right here!

charlie_kiss2Charlie Hedges (Kiss breakfast show DJ
Men find it so hard to be romantic without letting you know they are going to be romantic. For example a guy might say ‘Fancy getting married in two years?’ what’s that all about!? I want him diving off a cliff with a 2 carat diamond wedged between his teeth and a string quartet playing when he hits the ground!

My seduction track is ‘Shut Up and Drive’ I like a man to get on with it!

joe_thomas2Joe Thomas (26, plays Simon Cooper in The Inbetweeners)
The best date I took anybody on was dinner in the Eiffel tower. Seriously I went to a lot of effort, we had champagne, lobster and this amazing chocolate thing for dessert. She appreciated the effort but we’re not together anymore though!

sanna2Sanaa Lathan (39, Actress)
I think women amaze men because they have the ability to give birth, I can’t wait to experience that. What amazes me about men is everything! The only thing that would annoy me is if a guy spoke about themselves to much on a date.

james2James Redmond (38, Comedian/ Actor/ Presenter)
I’m a big fan of femininity. I’m a sucker for a girly girl. Someone you can look after, who wears dresses and high heels. But then I’m also a fan of horny girls…stick on a little Ray La Montagne and watch the magic happen!

kaya_scodelario3Kaya Scodelerio (17, Actress, plays Effie in Skins)
When it came to letting my man know I was interested I got my mate to tell him. It was proper playground antics- but it worked ‘cos we’re all loved up now!

BashyAshley “Bashy” Thomas (24, Rapper/ Actor)
I love a woman who’s sexy and confident, with a good smile. It doesn’t matter what she does, she could be a teacher, a stripper or an actress. But confidence is key and not wearing too much make-up, I like to know what a girl really looks like!

holloaksDarren Jeffries (27, OB from Hollyoaks)
I love a woman who can really dance. The best thing is when you spot a girl on the dance floor and she’s in the zone with the music and looks amazing but not in an obvious way- she could be wearing baggy jeans and timberland boots but she’s still damn sexy!

holloaks2Matt Littler (27, Max from Hollyoak’s)
The best thing about being a man is that you can be lazy and women expect it so you get away with it. The other day I had “man flu” and my lovely girlfriend was clearing up for me whilst I lay on my deathbed, playing with my Xbox. Quality!

Gabriella_3Gabriella Cilmi (18, Singer)
The most annoying thing about men is some can’t do two things at once. Like listen to you while watching the footie. You ask ‘em a question and its all ‘Huh, what?’

Ajala2David Ajala (23, Actor)
My favourite lets get it on track is Cater2u by Destinys Child. The lyrics get to me, for a woman to have that level of dedication to you is deep! The women I’d most like to listen to that track with is Sanaa Lathan, she’s really beautiful and yet incredibly understated.

tiny2Tiny Iron (29, Actor, owner of Britain’s Biggest Biceps)
The most annoying thing about women is that they remember what they want to remember…the best thing about them is their sweet honey hive. It makes up for any bad behaviour! When it comes to my ideal woman that would have to be Rihanna- you don’t see a girl like that everyday!

jan_uddin2Jan Uddin (22, Actor, Plays Sweetboy in Shank)
My favourite thing about women is their bums, no their legs, actually their smell. Scratch that it’s just the whole female form and essence! My seduction track would be anything by Sade- is that too cheesy!?

Words by Mary Bello