Many celebrities have been caught with their pants down and footballer Jermain Defoe can now be added to that list. It has been reported that he cheated on singer Alexandra Burke. Whether it’s athletes, artists or actors, we thought it was about time to name and shame the celebrities that have been caught straying away from their beautiful wives and girlfriends.














Just as Alexandra Burke’s new single ‘Let It Go’ is available for pre-order on iTunes, reports have emerged that she is the latest victim of celebrity cheating scandals. Geordie Model, Laura Brown has come forward to the British Tabloids admitting that her and Jermaine had slept together. She said: ‘I never planned to sleep with him. It just happened.’ She also said that she had ‘no idea that Alexandra and Jermain were serious about each other’. Laura tweeted the day after the fling: ‘You never know what goes on behind closed doors #sotrue’

When the news hit, Alexandra Burke soon became a trending topic on Twitter and some people have expressed their feelings of an unlikely coincidence that this scandal timing has happened as her single and album release is fast approaching. @Matthewonly said: ‘Whilst were on the topic of her boyfriend cheating, her single is now available on iTunes! #ironik!’

Others have not been surprised that footballer Jermain was caught cheating. @LPurpleBlanks said: So Jermain Defoe cheated on Alexandra Burke…no surprise there’ whilst some cannot believe the extent to which the story has circulated: @MattAbottSkint: ‘Is it really on the front page of the nation’s biggest selling newspaper that Jermain Defoe has cheated on Alexandra Burke? God help us all.’

The couple only started dating a few months ago and have been trying their best to keep their relationship a secret. On one occasion, the couple arrived to a café for an early morning breakfast in matching tracksuits but left by using separate exits only to be pictured back together in the same car again. Despite the allegations, Alexandra took to twitter and tweeted pictures of herself drinking cocktails at a lavish party showing no signs of heartbreak.


Culprit: Jermain Defoe / Victim: Alexandra Burke



When we think of UK celebrity cheating scandals, Ashley Cole is probably the first person that comes to mind. Maybe Jermain Defoe got tips from fellow friend and footballer on how to cheat after Ashley cheated on his wife Cheryl Cole in 2008 with hairdresser Aimee Watson and two other women. After taking him back, Cheryl was devastated to hear two years on that he had sent pictures of himself in his underwear (scratch that ugly Y Fronts!) to Page 3 girl Sonia Wild. Reports also emerged that he had slept with secretary Vicki Gough. One more woman claimed to have slept with Cole back in 2004 at the start of his relationship with Cheryl and so after five women, it was understandable that Cheryl finally decided to split from Ashley and filed divorce papers.

Since the break-up, Cheryl has had a great career as a judge on X Factor and as a solo artist despite being publicly fired from USA’s X Factor to be replaced by singer Nicole Scherzinger. She has been romantically linked to dancer Derek Hough and Rapper Will.I.Am in the past but has not confirmed anything. There have also been worrying reports she has been seeing Ashley again at their marital home in surrey but let’s hope they keep their relationship as just friends as being hurt again a sixth time would be too much to deal with for the strongest of women.

Culprit: Ashley Cole / Victim: Cheryl Cole


Who can forget So Solid Crew’s Harvey’s decision to leave wife Alesha Dixon for Javine Hylton back in 2006. Speaking quite frankly in an interview, Harvey was confident he had made the right decision and reminded people that there are always two sides to every story. He said: ‘No-body knows the whole truth. Nobody knows why I done it. She (Alesha) can be the victim. I’ll take it like a man. I’ll still shine.’

Harvey received a lot of stick for cheating on the gorgeous Alesha Dixon especially as it was with Javine who lost out on the opportunity to be in Girl’s Aloud on ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ and released one Top 10 hit and three other singles which scraped into the Top 20 single hits in the UK. RnB singer Jamelia backed her friend Alesha and called Javine a ‘slag’ for taking what wasn’t rightfully hers. Harvey was confident that he was being treated unfairly and once said: ‘I’m sure theres people out there that have had affairs. This is just mine documented.’

Earlier this year, Harvey caused a huge stir on Twitter after insinuating that he had a fling with Cheryl Cole in which she replied:  ‘Was this “relationship” happening in your head @harveyofficial?! Are you smoking something?’ Harvey later went on Choice FM to explain his side of things as he felt the story had been ‘fabricated’ and ‘taken out of context’ but said: ‘We had a communication relationship but not a relationship. Do you understand?’

No Harvey, we don’t understand. The story all got a bit too confusing as there were never straight and clear answers but was at least clear on his regret of cheating on Alesha Dixon. He said: ‘I regret cheating. 110 per cent. It wasn’t a nice thing to do and I totally hold my hands up to that. I don’t like hurting people. But people forget we were 19 when we got together.’

Alesha was certain that Harvey would stray again and was absolutely right. Javine dumped Harvey in 2009 and moved out of their home after finding evidence of him being unfaithful but remain friends for their daughter Angel’s sake.

It seems as if Alesha has had the last laugh after winning BBC’1’s Strictly Come Dancing and even became a judge on the panel soon after. She also went back to making music and is currently a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. Sorry Harvey, but who’s laughing now or should we say who’s crying now?

Culprit: Harvey / Victim: Alesha Dixon

The RnB singer The Dream got together with the sexy Christina Milian back in 2009 after splitting with ex-wife singer Nivea who went on to have a son with Rapper Lil Wayne (but is no longer with him). The Dream was pictured squeezing the bum of a mystery brunette whilst his wife just gave birth to their baby daughter Violet. Christina held a dignified silence on the matter but tweeted: ‘I’ve officially lost my appetite. WHATEVER YOU THINK.. BELIEVE IT!’. The woman was later confirmed to be his PA Melissa Marie.

It has been reported Christina is set to make her comeback very soon after being signed to none other than Lil Wayne’s label Young Money. Whether this was done intentionally is yet to be confirmed but we’re just excited to know Christina is moving on and focusing on her career and adorable baby daughter Violet.

Culprit: The Dream / Victim: Christina Milian

After Jennifer Lopez’ two failed relationships with P Diddy and Ben Affleck, we hoped Marc Anthony would be the right man for her. Unfortunately Marc was still married when they began dating but married J-Lo in 2004, a week after his divorce. Really?

After seven years of marriage, and having twins in 2008, the couple split earlier this year amidst rumours that Marc had cheated. In a recent interview, Marc said he was ‘baffled and angry’ at the allegations and said the reason for their divorce was simply because the ‘marriage stopped working’.

There have been reports that J-Lo caught Marc having an affair with a flight attendant as well as romantically being linked to other women. As much as she wanted to work it out for the kids,  J-Lo knew enough was enough and filed for divorce. The pair still had to work together on American Idol where Marc is involved in the production of the show. J-Lo has admitted that this is sometimes difficult but ‘wouldn’t have it any other way’.


Culprit: Marc Anthony / Victim: Jennifer Lopez


Well what can we say about Mr Woods other than he was very very busy whilst married to Elin Nordergran for six years and with whom he has two children. In 2009, the professional golfer was caught out with explosive rumours about infidelity circulating the web. Events planner Rachel Uchitel was soon confirmed to be the mystery woman. This prompted over a dozen women to come forward claiming they had slept with Tiger whilst he was with Elin.


In 2010, Tiger knew he had to break his silence and released a 13-minute prepared statement on TMZ Sports. Some points were simple and straight to the point: ‘I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated.’ He went on to say: ‘I ask you to find room in your heart to one day believe in me again.’

It was reported that Elin chased Tiger with a golf club. Abit extreme for some but honestly, we probably would have done much worse!

Culprit: Tiger Woods / Victim: Elin Nordegran 


In 2004, people were shocked to hear allegations that David Beckham had been cheating on wife Victoria with his PA Rebecca Loos. Rebecca claimed to be David’s ‘alternative wife’ and was initially happy to be the ‘one on the side’ until she was approached for a ‘kiss and tell’ story by the British tabloids.


Rumours finally simmered and it was Rebecca that was seen as the ‘homewrecker’, often being slagged off by members of the public and the media. Victoria was respected for handling the whole situation in a very classy way and decided to dismiss all rumours. She simply stated: ‘David has never cheated on me. I have the most faithful husband I could hope for.’

The power couple is now seen to be very strong and recently welcomed their latest addition to their family, daughter Harper. Their relationship was obviously rocked by the cheating scandal and they moved to Spain shortly after. Three years after the scandal, Victoria admitted: ‘It was a really tough time. But were now stronger and happier’.

Culprit: David Beckham / Victim: Victoria Beckham


After splitting up with fellow Pop-star and childhood friend Justin Timberlake in 2002, everybody just wanted the best for Britney Spears and we were all shocked to hear that she had decided to marry her backup dancer Kevin Federline after two months whilst his girlfriend Shar Jackson was still pregnant. Many feared that the fact that he cheated on Shar to be with Britney was a disaster waiting to happen.


In 2006, Britney decided to file for a divorce and it was a string of cheating allegations that prompted her to do so. We must admit, some of us were glad to see that Kevin was clearly finding the divorce hard after seeing pictures of an overweight Kevin surface on the Internet. He explained: ‘Anybody who goes through divorce is going to be depressed. I started eating getting lazier and lazier and getting fatter, fatter and fatter.’

Being married to one of the biggest Pop-stars in the world couldn’t have been easy but that is no excuse to cheat on her with exotic dancers and former porn stars. Kevin was known for his extreme party habits and love for Strip Clubs. He would always go to Vegas with friends and be pictured getting very close to strippers whilst Britney was hard at work or with their two kids.

Kevin appeared on Celebrity Fit Club in 2010 and apologized to Shar for cheating on her. He claimed to have been ‘caught up with his own selfishness’ and asked for Shar to forgive him one day.

Britney Spears is currently engaged to her boyfriend Jason Trawick and is focusing on raising her children.

Culprit: Kevin Federline / Victim: Britney Spears

So, there you have it! Being rich and famous can’t protect you from the lies and heartbreak a cheating partner brings. These are other celebrity couples who have allegedly fallen prey to a cheating spouse.

Culprit: Lil Wayne / Victim: Lauren London

Culprit: Eric Benet / Victim: Halle Berry

Culprit: Magic Johnson / Victim: Cookie Johnson

Culprit: Tony Parker / Victim: Eva Longoria

Culprit: Brad Pitt / Victim: Jennifer Aniston

Culprit: Jude Law / Victim: Sienna Miller



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