Ebony the training Doll by Dionne Smith

Hairstylist to the stars Dionne Smith has launched an amazing Afro Hair training doll to improve inclusivity while offering stylists an opportunity to boost their skills with Afro Hair.

Dionne Smith’s creation of the training doll named ‘Ebony’ gives up-and-coming stylists a chance to enhance and learn how to care for and style Black hair and was inspired by a time not so long ago when there was no option to learn how to style using a training doll with Afro hair (only straight hair types were accessible).

You could be forgiven for thinking that training dolls with all forms of hair are available right? wrong, the problem still exists today, however, Dionne Smith is breaking boundary’s and offering something new and meaningful to the hair care market, which we salute.

Speaking exclusively to ‘The Voice‘, Dionne Smith talks about her past and present experiences as a Hair Stylist.

The inspiration for Ebony came from what I saw as a glaring gap in the market. Throughout my career I’ve been asked to train others on Afro textured hair, but sometimes we’ve either struggled to find an available model at short notice, or the trainee may perhaps feel nervous about making mistakes.

Dionne Smith pictured with the Ebony training doll
Dionne Smith pictured with the Ebony training doll

Dionne Smith has worked with super celebrities such as Regina King, Venus Williams, Naomi Campbell to name a few and who knows, maybe ‘Ebony’ could be the Barbie doll of Afro Haircare in the future.

Follow Dionne Smith on Insta – @dionnesmithhair and you can also follow Ebony on Insta – @ebonydollofficial, yep, she’s got her own Instagram yah nah.