As our hot British version of Rihanna, Rita Ora has a look that’s immensely stylish yet so simple to achieve. Her make-up is timeless, her hair beautifully bouncy at all times and her fashion sense is the epitome of throwback 90’s edge.

Make-up wise, this look can be sooo quick and simple to achieve!

You will need…

  • A dewy foundation base such as ‘L’oreal Lumi Magique’
  • A concealer of your choice
  • A highlighter liquid such as one by ‘MeMeMe’ called ‘Angels with Halos Skin Illuminator’ – This is amaaaazing!
  • A good matte orangey red lipstick such as ‘Topshop’ lipstick in shade ‘Rio Rio’
  • A black liquid liner pen or gel pot and pointed eye liner brush
  • A nude eye shadow
  • A black and brown eye shadow such as the ones in the ‘Sleek’ ‘Au Natural’ palette
  • A warm peachy subtle blusher
  • A black kohl pencil – ‘Rimmel’
  • A brown eyebrow pencil – ‘Rimmel’

This look consists of clear glowing skin, dark statement brows, winged eyes and orange red lips.

How to do it…

  1. Apply your base, keeping your skin looking sheer and flawlessly covered without applying too much foundation.
  2. Conceal under your eyes to keep your skin looking fresh and wide awake. Also conceal any blemishes you may have.
  3. Use an eye shadow brush to apply a soft sweep of a light nude eye shadow all over the lids up to the brows.
  4. Using your eyeliner pen or gel and liner brush, keep your black line thin starting from the very inner corner of the top lid following your natural lid until the outer corner. TIP: Using your other hand to stretch your eyelid helps to keep a clean line.
  5. Use a black kohl eye liner pencil to fill in the water line of your lower lid.
  6. Once you have drawn your line, draw a thin flick that follows the angle of the outer corner of your lower lid in the direction towards where your eyebrow finishes. This should help you to keep both eyes symmetrical.
  7. Apply minimal mascara that keeps the lashes looking separated and slightly winged at the edge so that they accentuate the liner look.
  8. Next use a clean mascara wand to brush your eyebrows out towards the side of your face.
  9. You can fill in the shape with a brown brow pencil first, depending on how dark you think you can take your brows comfortably.
  10. Next use a brown and black eye shadow, dabbing an angled eyebrow brush into both colours to fill in the brows more. Apply it softly bit by bit.
  11. If you can go even stronger, use a gel based brow filler such as ‘Benefit’ ‘Browzings’ in shade ‘Medium’. Use the darker brown gel based colour to go over the brow which will help to keep it all set in place.
  12. Get your peachy blusher and apply it very sparingly just in the contours of your cheek bones.
  13. Next dab on some of your illuminator liquid with your fingers onto the tops of your cheek bones, your brow bone, the bridge of your nose and the cupids bow above your top lip.
  14. Lastly apply your red lipstick, either with a lip brush to help you get a perfect shape, or straight from the stick if you’re blessed with a perfect lip line.

Now go out to party and…

Have fun!!

Tessa XO