It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… Champagne, spirits & prosecco, take a look at our Christmas Lust List of drinks.

We’ve compiled a lust list of Champagne, spirits & prosecco that you simply must drink this Christmas. it’s the one time of year, you can let loose and crack open a bottle or more of bubbly within the comfort of family, friends and food. We love food and we love Christmas food, don’t you too?

And don’t forget, you can buy Champagne, spirits & prosecco online at various outlets such as Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury, Drinksupermarket, Selfridges and have them delivered right to your door because let’s face it, who really wants to carry cases and cases of alcohol in their hands.

If you like one of the drinks below, simply click on the link to buy. The links take you directly to the online store which has the lowest price for that particular drink. Please bear in mind that prices can change daily and offers can be changed daily.

 But before we reveal our lust list of Christmas drinks below, you must take a look at these Christmas drink special items that will add the WOW factor to your Christmas. 

Eden Mill 12 Gins of Christmas gift set

Eden Mill 12 Gins of Christmas gift set.jpg

Eden Mill has released a 12 Gins of Christmas gift set which includes 12 5cl miniatures, including Mulled Gin, After Dinner Gin, Orange & Clove Ginand Double Juniper Gin, along with the other Eden Mill core favourites (e.g. the pink Love Gin). These flavours are uniquely festive and come with perfect serve recommendations. This is a unique gift that any gin lover would appreciate and it’s available from the Drink Supermarket.

The Lakes Vodka Bauble Gift Set

The Lakes Vodka Bauble Gift Set

This magical vodka Christmas gift set including the Lakes Vodka, The Lakes Salted Caramel Vodka and The Lakes Espresso Vodka. This is a must-have Christmas present for any vodka lover who enjoys those favourite festive flavours or is a fan of the Lake District. This luxury gift delivers a traditional premium vodka experience with an additional modern twist with delicious vodka liqueur baubles too. Buy this from The Lakes Distillery

Pickering’s Gin Baubles

Pickering's Gin Baubles

A set of six colourful baubles, each filled with 50ml of Pickering’s Gin, perfect for deliciously decorating your Christmas tree (just make sure you hang them on securely!). Now, if someone could come up with edible tinsel to pair with these, that would be marvellous… Buy Pickering’s Gin Baubles on Amazon



Perrier Jouet This is one of the classic champagnes, the house style of Perrier Jouet is fresh and fruit driven, with notes of green apple fruit and peaches buy Perrier Jouet at Waitrose.

laurent perrier brut rose

Laurent-Perrier Brut Rose This is the rose that put pink on the map for both men and women. The Cuvée Rosé Laurent–Perrier was created in 1968 using methods learned from the production of still wines called ‘Coteaux Champenois’. Grapes from carefully selected plots are meticulously sorted and destemmed before going into the vats. Buy Laurent-Perrier Brut Rose at Sainsbury


Piper Heidsieck Brut Champagne is a Cuvee Brut classic, full-bodied with fruit champagne. The blend is composed of majority Pinot Noir, forming more than 100 crus from around the Champagne region. It is clear golden in colour with a nose of fresh fruits with pear and russet apple and hints of citrus fruits. It has a juicy fleshy pear and golden grape texture with a citrus and grapefruit finish. Buy Piper Heidsieck Brut Champagne at the Drink Supermarket


Casanova Swarovski Edition Prosecco

Casanova Swarovski Edition Prosecco has taken bling to a whole new level and given the word luxurious a whole new meaning in both appearance and deliciousness. This is the most expensive Prosecco in the world! Fully enveloped from base to cork with 3,370 individual Swarovski crystals, this bottle is in every sense of the word, exclusive. The Casanova Swarovski Edition Prosecco is available at the Drink Supermarket

Bottega gold prosecco glass pack

Bottega gold prosecco glass pack is fresh and crisp with wildflowers and citrus, Bottega’s sparkling wine is made from Prosecco grapes in Veneto. Presented in a mirrored gold bottle with two elegant glasses, this set makes a wonderful gift. Bottega gold prosecco glass pack is available at Selfridges

Casanova Rosé Cuvée Prestige Extra Dry 75cl

Casanova Rosé Cuvée Prestige Extra Dry pairs beautifully with salmon and seafood, sweet and savoury appetizers, shellfish and tuna carpaccio, fresh fruits and light pastry desserts. Fantastic as an aperitif with plenty of fresh and floral notes followed by flavours of red currants. The Casanova Rosé Cuvée Prestige Extra Dry available at the Drink Supermarket

Freixenet Prosecco Italy

Wine of Italy. Extra dry. Made from the finest grapes of northern Italy, Freixenet Prosecco is a delicate delight for the palate. Fresh and fruity, with aromas of flowers, citrus and apple, this Prosecco is the perfect sparkling for celebrating big and small moments. Enjoy! Buy Freixenet Prosecco at Waitrose

Bottega Stardust ProseccoBottega Stardust Prosecco is the latest flamboyant expression from the brilliant Bottega brand, not only is this bottle visually amazing being diamond encrusted but the prosecco inside is of amazing quality. Buy Bottega Stardust Prosecco at the Drink Supermarket


Major Lazer LIMITED EDITION Rum bottle

The Bacardi Limited Edition Major Lazer Premium Gold Rum is a unique blend, aged for a minimum of three years, which expresses the flavours of the Caribbean. Major Lazer’s Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire worked with BACARDÍ Maestros de ron (Master Blenders) to create a one of a kind rum with a warm silky body and notes of tropical fruit, cedar, almonds and vanilla. The Bacardi Limited Edition Major Lazer Premium Gold Rum is available at Amazon

Patron Silver Tequila

Patrón Silver Tequila is the perfect ultra-premium crystal clear spirit. Handmade from the best 100% Weber Blue Agave and handmade in only small batches to be exceptionally smooth, soft and easily mixable. Buy Patrón Silver Tequila at Tesco

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye 150 years in the making and a first for Jack Daniel’s. 70% rye grain mash bill and maturation for 4 years in White American Oak barrels brings out layers of spice, ripe fruit, toast and caramel. Real treat for JD fans. Buy Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye at the Drink Supermarket

Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Rum

Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Rum is a bold and confident rum that should be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, with your favourite mixer or in cocktails. Sit back and enjoy, knowing that you’re having one of the world’s truly exceptional spirits. Buy Appleton Estate Rare Blend at Tesco

Metaxa Twelve Star 12 Star Brandy

Metaxa 12 Star Brandy is a luxurious addition to the Metaxa family. In a glance, its classically styled bottle bears witness to the richness of the Greek heritage to which it proudly belongs. This smooth blend of Metaxa contains distillates aged up to 12 years. Its dark honey colour and the hint of vanilla in its aroma are complemented by a full-bodied, woody taste. Buy Metaxa 12 Star Brandy at the Drink Supermarket

gin lane 1751

Created in London, Gin Lane 1751 is one of the very few gins to create an Old Tom, the style which typified the Victorian era.  The Gin Lane 1751 Old Tom achieves a subtle sweetness from the star anise botanical and a touch of refined sugar. Each bottle of Gin Lane has been individually numbered and the gins are hand-crafted in small traditional pot stills.  There are eight natural botanicals – juniper, orris root, Seville oranges, angelica, Sicilian lemon, star anise, cassia bark and coriander – which create a well-balanced, complex gin. Gin Lane 1751 is available at The Drink Shop

Lakes Espresso Vodka Liqueur

The Lakes Espresso Vodka Liqueur is our newly introduced coffee flavoured liqueur.  It uses our distinctive Lakes Vodka distilled from the heart of the Lake District. This sensational creation is flavoured with roasted espresso beans and hints of dark chocolate.  This smooth espresso liqueur is presented in our unmistakable black opaque bottle. Buy The Lakes Espresso Vodka Liqueur at The Lakes Distillery

Cointreau Golden Age

Cointreau Golden Age Limited the Iconic orange liqueur is celebrating l’Age d’Or des cocktails, the Golden Age of cocktails this Christmas, with a limited edition, paying homage to both the artistic and cultural dynamism of the Roaring Twenties. With Cointreau being the cornerstone of more than 350 cocktails, La Maison Cointreau is committed to paying tribute to a time when inspired mixologists first invented the most creative recipes with Cointreau. During this Golden Age of cocktails in the twenties, with its music and lights, Paris was a cocktail party on the streets. Cointreau Golden Age is available to buy exclusively in Selfridges

Amarula Liqueur 70cl

Amarula Liqueur Considered South Africa’s success story since 1989, Amarula is an exotic cream liqueur made using succulent marula fruit and fresh dairy cream giving a creamy, nutty taste with vanilla and citrus notes and hints of coffee. Buy Amarula Liqueur at the Drink Supermarket

Wild Turkey Whiskey

Wild turkey 101 is made of water grains and yeast. The water used to make Wild Turkey passes through a natural limestone shelf, which filters out impurities and other components that will give the water a metallic taste and thus giving it to the bourbon as well. Buy Wild turkey 101 at the Drink Supermarket

Edgerton Pink Gin 70cl

Edgerton Pink Gin the new and improved version of Edgerton’s popular Pink Gin. This contemporary pink gin is made with 15 different botanicals including pomegranate, and although it makes an eye-catching cocktail it truly shines in a gin & tonic. Buy Edgerton Pink Gin at the Drink Supermarket

Elements Eight Republica Rum

Elements Eight Republica Rum is a premium, aged blend of two single rums, sourced from distilleries in Cuba and Panama.  The rum is produced from 100% traditional column stills, debunking the myth that only “quality” rums can be made by blending pot and column distillations.  Republica is non-chill filtered and aged for a minimum of five years in Bourbon casks and has an ABV of 40%.  The rum has a naturally sweet character which attests to the harmonious balance of two single rums, from two historically important rum-making Caribbean republics. Buy Elements Eight Republica Rum at The Whiskey Exchange