the chant

Margret Rumat Rumar Hassan, a South Sudanese athlete might look like just any athlete but she’s not.

Growing up in the thick of civil unrest and in a country where women’s rights can be  hugely overshadowed that of the opposing sex, getting the chance to compete for her country in the Rio De Janeiro Olympics 2016 was something that 400 meter runner Margret could only contemplate. You see, this is the first time that South Sudan has been allowed to participate in the games, so it was only fitting that Olympic sponsors Samsung decided to put a little something together in honour of the 19 year old and her country.

The video clip titled ‘The Chant,’ is an introduction to both Margret and the Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone with compatible cord free headphones. Samsung are celebrating the progress of the human body, introducing the world to a thought provoking and powerful story of knocking down walls to achieve what may seem like the impossible.

Unearthing her talent for running at a young age, we meet Margret as she looks focused in the locker room. She appears ready in her sporting wear as she reaches for her Samsung Galaxy S7 edge mobile and Samsung Gear IconX cord-free before we flash back to a young Margret as she starts to chant her name defiantly and passionately.

One initial individuals dream is multiplied as we see and hear people from across the runner’s village and country, with further chanting as we are shown how the Olympic games is bringing people together; the video conveys unity and harmony as we see school children and other’s walking metaphorically behind their star teenage athlete.

the chant

‘The Chant’ supports team spirit, perseverance and meaningful progress, something that South Sudan are familiar with and as Margret enters the Rio Olympic Stadium, the chants of her villagers fade into the background as she strides onto the track with strength and confidence.

The video which also celebrates cultural and technological connections also shares Samsung’s inspirational message “proud sponsors of those who defy barriers,” and their commitment that perseverance through the extraordinary leads to meaningful progress.

The one thing that is for certain regardless of Margret Rumat Rumar Hassan winning bronze, silver or gold, is that she is making history for her country and if you look again, you’ll see that she is already a winner in many eyes.