There is a fine line between boy and man. This division highlights some of the characteristics of a gentleman and evidently detach men from boys.  It takes effort to be a man with respect, ambition, and etiquette. On the other hand its takes very little to nothing to be immature and imprudent.

This is frequently the case as apparently too often young men mature without having a clue of what a gentleman is. To be a gentleman in today’s society, we suggest the following.

  • State your masculinity in a way that shows respect for femininity. It’s about having confidence in your role as a man.
  • Be on alert and be willing to read circumstances and know when to be tough and when to be tender.
  • Show that you have noticed her, whether it is by commenting on her appearance or an aspect of her character.
  • Any act that is done in kindness, with respect and sensitivity will be received well. For example, a gentleman walks his date to her front door. She will feel safer at the end of the day if she knows she will be accompanied right to her door; however, never force anything just expect the unexpected.
  • Avoid sending BBM pings, checking emails or taking phone calls during conversations or whilst spending time together. Your date should be made to feel like she is the most important person in the world to you.
  • A gentleman holds the door for a woman. Holding the door open for her makes her feel respected and reflects well on you as a person. Do not race your date to get to the door first as you may come across as desperate.

A gentleman is a man dedicated to making his lady feel beautiful, respected and protected, whilst making sure that she does not feel unloved, alone or unappreciated. A gentleman is expected to go the extra mile to make sure his lady is treated like a princess he believes she is.

He should also respect his woman enough to love her and only her.  Last but not least, a gentleman is motivated, usually dynamic and considerate. Women want a gentleman for two reasons. First, to boast and flaunt to her friends and relatives. Once a lady is bewildered by your firm and polite demeanour she will want to show you to everyone.

They usually have this urge in which they believe they must show off their assets. The second reason is internal. Having a gentleman loving his lady is something most women plead for. Once they finally have it, they are then filled with appreciation and unconditional happiness. Those reasons are enough to make a lady go weak for a gentleman.

The transformation from boy to man is becoming a highway that’s not taken so often. This is something which still remains a mystery, but for sure it’s something that needs to be adapted. Ladies are in need of more gentlemen, and the world is in need of men to worship the good women in the world.