The Charli XCX boohoo collection has been released and we LOVE IT. The collection sees dashing velvets and colourful tones like pink leopard print, catsuits, purple and more.

The question is CAN YOU HANDLE IT? Sure you can. The Charli XCX boohoo collection is a must have. The bright and eye-catching colours are perfect for a night on the town with friends and the pop rebel has worked closely with boohoo to make sure the collection is authentic to her style.

Charli XCX boohoo collection 8

The Fancy singer Charli XCX looks stunning in the new promo campaign, modelling vibrant and colourful make up looks and she told Look magazine about the collection,

I had so much fun designing pieces for the winter collection, I can’t wait to get it out there and to wear it myself. It’s sparkly cute and sexy. I hope everyone loves it!”

Charli XCX boohoo collection 5

I never wanted to put my name on something and pretend I did it

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The dreamy collection is a must have for all girls and misfits alike. “A lot of it was influenced by 90s movie characters – Cher Horowitz from Clueless, the girls in Jawbreaker and The Craft”. Says Charli

Charli XCX boohoo collection 11

While speaking to the Telegraph on Feminism, Charli says,

“For me feminism is about supporting other women and not defining feminism by a certain type of woman. I think you can be a feminist whoever you are- male or female and regardless of the clothes you wear. If you are wearing a short skirt or dressed head to toe and covered up it doesn’t mean you’re not a feminist.”
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We’ve also got these amazing gallery of behind the scenes images from the Charli XCX booho campaign below

And you can also see how makeup artist Toby Klinger show’s you how to recreate Charli’s
amped up glam makeup look in the video below.

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