Charli XCX lands the June 2015 cover of Asos Magazine, looking young, fun and free in disco pop chic style clothing.

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We love and adore the style of this photo shoot which is a stark contrast to her recent uber sexy Maxim cover shoot which saw Charli in leathers and little black dresses with low neck lines.

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Charli looks ever so chic in a sequins, halter tops and high-waist trousers and on the inside of the magazine Charli rocks the 1970s trend including suede, fringe and metallic styles.

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Get the look right now on and in her interview, the brunette talks about her music, Rita Ora, her UK tour and more.

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On her partner in crime Rita Ora:
“Rita is so fun and so refreshing to be around… we click so well because we’re both chilled. Rita is the opposite of a diva and I love that about her”.

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On getting her voice heard:
“I’m stubborn and I have goals… I want to have my fingerprints all over radio forever, not necessarily me singing the songs… but writing. I’ve set the bar very high for myself”.

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On her music:
“It’s like The Ramones and Barbie had sex… it’s loud, it’s in your face, but it’s like …pink and sassy too. It’s a big middle finger to all the people who thought that I’d get dropped or wasn’t a credible artist”.

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