Mother – the verb meaning to bring up a child with care and affection…

According to research it takes around £230,000 to bring up a child, probably double that to bring up a girl (thanks mum) along with a lot of time, effort and love so I think it’s only right to treat our moms to a special day on Mother’s Day 2015.

So, for all the guys reading this right now that have just gone D’oooohhhh, it’s here again and I’ve forgotten agaiiinnn, football’s on Sunday I totally forgot…. well lads fear not, this one might help you out especially, but girls it’s for you too.

I’m hoping below are some alternative creative ideas that might inspire some of you this Mother’s Day 15th March and some ways in which to say thank you, I think moms appreciate time spent with us, it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift or a day out but something thoughtful whatever the price.

Watch a play
You can’t buy time, and what better way to enjoy Mother’s Day than spending a few hours together watching a play. There are sooooo many choices for plays all over the UK, here’s one that’s had amazing reviews and great especially if you want some light-hearted comedy. Amelia Bullmore’s Di and Viv and Rose play is a story about the unlikely bonds between three women (Tamzin Outhwaite, Samantha Spiro and Jenna Russell), set in the 80s it focuses on female friendship – the perfect play to get some bonding time in with mum.
Vaudeville Theatre London, until Sat May 23,

MD 2

Visit an exhibition
The Victoria and Albert Museum this Mother’s day has the perfect exhibition on and the final day of the exhibition is Mother’s Day – a perfect time to go and see the Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibition. As well, the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty which opens on Saturday 14th March and goes right through to August 2nd. If your mum is into her designer labels or just a fan of fashion in general then go and check out John Galliano’s wedding dress for Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood’s design worn by Dita Von Teese, and Gwen Stefani’s 2002 dip-dyed white and pink Dior dress. There’s also a Benugo cafe inside to stop in after your day out

V&A, Wedding Dresses 1775-2014, until Sun Mar 15; Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, Mar 14-Aug 2

MD 3

Afternoon tea
I am in love with this idea; Pret-a-Portea at The Berkeley London is afternoon tea that pays homage to fashion…through biscuits. Some of the miniature biscuits and canapés include Moschino’s recent yellow ‘M’ handbags a Valentino dress and a Jimmy Choo Zebra print bag…All made out of biscuits, they are exact replicas of the items but edible, what more could your mum want, plus it works out a tad cheaper than buying the Charlotte Olympia shoes that we’ll be playing off for the next year, but she can enjoy holding a pair of knee-high dark chocolate biscuit boots for a mere 5 seconds before it meets mum’s mouth.

MD 4

Design your own perfume in Debenhams
Mum’s always have their own smell, but what better idea than going with your mum and helping her to create her own scent that’s as unique as her? She’ll come away with a perfume that’s suited to her, plus it’s a nice memorable gift which will last and one that she can carry around in her handbag and think of you every time she pulls it out. It’s a full on experience where she will be educated on different scents and how long those scents last, she’ll choose her own, name it and then chose an atomiser to put the perfume in.

MD 5

Chocolate making workshop for two with Virgin Experiences
Tell your mum to scrap the diet for one day, as anything chocolate related that’s bought for her is totally allowed and is valid for a ‘cheat day’. The day starts with a glass of Prosecco each, you get a lesson in making a chocolate martini followed by a master course in chocolate truffle making and if your mum isn’t already sweet enough, it’s then followed by a fudge making session which she’ll personalise and decorate herself. Not only will it be a lovely day out for you and your mum but it’s something she can take away with her, not only the chocolates to eat but the experience and the knowledge behind making her own gorgeous chocolates…scrap them diets quick 😉

MD 6

Name a Star 14.99 –
We all know our mums are stars, but what about naming one after her, believe it or not this can be done! You can actually name a star after your mum which comes in a decorative tin that includes a letter explaining how it works and then co-ordinates so you can locate your mum’s actual star, love this idea!!! You get a certificate too, sometimes I think it’s more about the thought that counts that’s the price and I’m sure your mums will appreciate you finding the time to think of something slightly out of the box here. A lovely gift which lasts not only for the day but for as long as she’s here with you guys as stars can live for over 120 trillion years, and our mums are worth this and more.

MD 7

New haircut and nail treatment
Mums are always so busy running around for everyone else, normally us, that they will very rarely spend time on themselves; silly things such as getting their hair and nails done can often slip the net so why don’t you book them just that? They’ll have to make time to go and get pampered then!

You could even book in treatments for you and your mum together or just mum, book into a local salon, often most salons now offer an alternative glass of bubbly instead of a traditional tea of coffee which will be a nice addition to the treatment, then let your mum sit back and relax and come out a few hours later a new person…. It’s only then fair that she has something amazing to go to after so she can show off her new hair and nails, this next idea might be spot on…

MD 8

A comedy show or Miranda Hart if you’re in London
She’s an award-winning actress, writer and stand-up comedian who is going to be gracing the stage at London’s O2 and touring all over the UK too with her new show My, What I Call. If it’s a laugh you’re up for then look no further as this is her very first live stand up tour since appearing on Miranda, she’s kinda like the female Lee Evans, you can expect jokes, songs and even dancing. If Miranda isn’t your mums personal choice of comedian there’s also many stand up nights across the country, one of my favourite nights out is with The Comedy Store, they even have a gong night the last Monday of every month which is an unforgettable experience on its own where the general public/upcoming comedians can take to the stage leaving their fate in the crowds hands….they’re harsh trust me, but it makes a great night out

MD 9

Segway experience –
Is your mum more of the adventurous type? If so, this might be one for her! Segways are fast becoming one of the most fun and popular sports and there are Segway experiences all over the country now. There’s Segway days that can hold classes of 8-15 people and not only is it actually exercise, its great fun learning how to use them as they look a lot easier than they actually are to use, plus it gets you and your family in a competitive mood challenging each other which can be fun. Some packages also offer for photos to be taken all day which you will then be sent a link for after your fun day out.

MD 10

Pandora jewellery
Pandora’s range of jewellery make beautiful memorable gifts which can be personalised according to the person you’re buying for. What’s great is they have a range specifically been designed for Mother’s Day too, slightly pricier than some of the other ideas I’ve given you so far but again this one’s a keepsake. All Mother’s Day jewellery is boxed beautifully too, my favourite is the sparkling heart jewellery set including heart pendant and classic heart earrings for £99.

MD 11

Photo shoot with
If your mum is like mine and she hates photos so ducks every time someone gets a camera out meaning there’s very rarely any photos of you both together? Well this one might be a way to solve the problem and also get rid of your mum’s fear of a camera.

There is a choice of 7 shoots with so you can find one that suits her if she’s embarrassed with cameras around her but you can also make it a fun and silly shoot that also represents how close you both are. Don’t worry about turning up camera ready too as make-up and hair is done on the day which again is your choice, so if cake face isn’t yours and your mum’s thing then you can opt for a little less make-up and more au natural. You’ll also receive a print of your favourite image at the end of the day.

MD 11

Probably one of my most memorable experiences I’ve had by far, I went to a Gingerline night recently and all I can say is WOW, seriously one of the best experiences I’ve had and the craziest thing about it is it’s a total secret, you’re never allowed to break the Gingerline rule and that is not to tell ANYONE about it, you have to go and experience it for yourself. It’s a clandestine dining experience which takes place in different locations along the London underground network.

Basically you book in on an event, the only information you get is the date and the underground line the night will appear somewhere on. Then on the night of the event you receive a text message telling you clues as to where you need to be in an hour’s time near one of the stations on the given underground line you received upon booking.

Find out the venue by working out the clues and you’re then taken on an incredible dining experience you’ll never ever experience again. Gingerline events normally operate on the east London Overground line between Highbury and Islington, and West Croydon or Gingerline jubilee which is somewhere within zones 1 and 2 on the Jubilee line.

Written by our guest editor of the month (March 2015) Charlie Hedges follow Charlie on twitter and read her editors letter here: