Charlie Kiss Fm presents a special podcast for Flavourmag. Hey all, me again! Some of you may have listened to my Charlie Hedges Presents Podcast before and if so – thank you very much and I really hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy recording them, please let me know what you think on my Twitter and Facebook pages whenever you do listen as I love getting your feedback! I’ve decided to share this week’s episode with Flavourmag before anyone else, so before we turn it up, here’s a bit of a backstory…

These podcasts have been weekly for the last few months, however, as of April and moving forwards, they’ll be changing to monthly hour-long podcasts every 2nd week of the month (you’re the first to know!). There’s so many amazing house tracks that are coming through at the moment that a monthly podcast gives me a better chance to pick the very best tracks to share with you; it also enables me to get as many of your track selections in as possible too on the Charlie’s Angel of the Week feature.

Charlie’s Angel of the Week is where you guys suggest tracks for me to play on my podcast this month, all you need to do if you want to suggest a track is jump on my Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you want me to play. This is for everyone to get involved in, it could be your favourite track, you could be an upcoming DJ producer and want me to play your latest track be it signed or unsigned, whatever it is – this is about music fans, you guys having a say on what I play. There’s no day/time to get your suggestions in either, just tweet me when you hear an amazing tune!

I’ve also got another feature called Charlie Says – this is the track which I’ll bring to the table every month that’s either brand new and hot off the press, or a new remix of an oldskool track – basically a track I think you guys need to keep an eye out for.

So that said, I hope you go and check out my latest podcast on iTunes or on my Soundcloud page and I look forward to you guys getting involved!  My aim is to get you ready for your day/ night out/shopping/whatever it is, kicking off with some bassier, bouncer sounds and then leaving you  feeling like you’re in your favourite with my tougher house sound . I want to bring all different types of house heads together; my sound is tougher, yes, but I’m always keen to drop tracks with the kind of recognisable vocal that means everyone is in on this together.

Charlie Hedges Presents #020
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And if you’re after something a little more in depth, I’ve deconstructed this week’s show, explaining the decision behind each track…

Fono – ‘Real Joy’ – This track is an absolute one-off in my opinion; it screams summer and it screams creativity with a sound that’s so different but yet so familiar and easy to listen to.  It’s one of those tracks that stops you in your steps and you need to know the name of it, whether you like it or not.

David Vrong ft Olivera – ‘Bring Me All’ – It’s got the hands in the air breakdown that we all want when we are in a trance listening to some of our favourite music and away with the fairies, it’s got its own cutting-edge sound and with the catchy chopped vocals at the start and throughout the track, the infectious groove makes me want to go out.

Gregori Kiosman – ‘Red Lights’ – For me it’s the tougher, bassier sound that draws me to this track. It’s the style of house music that I play out with the toughness, bass and some vocals all mixed in together, throw in the crunching synths and piano chords and it’s a definite hit for me.

Oliver Heldens – ‘Melody’ – One thing I respect about Oliver Heldens is that you can hear a track of his from a mile off. The bounciness and the playfulness of his sound cuts through which is why I’m loving this track – he’s delved into the big breakdowns with a more defined drop, probably one of my favourites of his tracks to date!

DubVision ft Ruby Prophet – ‘Vertigo’ – Call it what you like but for me, this is a progressive house track that I think could definitely cross over into the mainstream. I love how the vocals are so strong even against a big progressive bassline and it’s also Dubvision’s sound to a tee, love this, again another get up “let’s go, I wanna go out” track!

Eddie Thoneick  – ‘Solar’ (Deniz Koyu Mix) – This track actually excited me, it makes me want to tell you all where I’m going to be playing this year in Ibiza hehe! Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to just yet but you get what I mean, it’s exciting, high energy and was massive at Miami Music week recently, what do you guys think, like it?

Max Vangeli & Flatdisk – ‘Skin’ – There’s a few reasons why I like this song, it’s got that oldskool kinda feel to it with regards to the vocals, again the drop speaks for itself, but it also feels like you go on a real journey with it – it’s high, it’s low at the breakdown, love it!

Promise Land – ‘Why I Still Love You’ – This track represents the next few months of some strong music that’s going to be released in time for summer, festivals and Ibiza Season and it’s set the bar high. It’s big room but still has that toughness about it which I love.  The vocal has that Daft Punk feel to it which compliments the rest of the track alongside the strings and tougher side of the electro sound.

Alpharock, Vida – ‘Knives’ – To call this track a belter is probably the best way to describe it. It’s progressively tough but also has that crossover feel to it, the build and drop are as explosive as each other and all round it’s another one of my favourite tracks to come out the last few months for sure.

Silvio Carrano & DJ Storm – ‘Rave’ (Austin Leeds & Redhead Roman remix) – Silvio is a friend of mine who’s had many a release and remixes out too.  One of my fav remixes of his is Cafe Del Mar, such a tune and this time he’s come with his own track which he says is a tribute to the old school acid sound and the new tougher house sound, I agree that it is and it’s a great combo but see what you guys think.

Fatso -‘Sfera’ – An amalgamation of electro and a tougher house sound, it takes all the best elements from both genres and pairs them up to make a great track, watch out for the drop on this one it’s kinda unexpected but that’s why I love it, I’m a sucker for a drop.

Ilan Bluestone – ‘Lighthouse’ (Club Mix) – This has been described as a prog-trance track- progressive and it’s got elements of trance in there too, not too much of either though.  It’s exciting, layered with many sounds and has a double drop, I mean – what more could you ask for!?

Silverland ft Daisy Dance – ‘Pennys Falling’ (Futuristic Polar Bears Instrumental) – loving this one, it’s one of those tracks where you go “ouch, that’s dirty” in a good way haha!  Again, I think it’s set the pace this year for some great new tougher house music, definitely one to throw in towards the end of an Ibiza set!

Wasteland – ‘Maple’ – It’s got the Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano feel to it whose sounds I love.  It kicks off with string opening and builds nicely into an infectious groove full of percussion getting us ready for a melodic breakdown and insane drop.

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