Kiss FM breakfast presenter Charlie Hedges tells us how the London based radio station and Rockstar Youth are giving you the chance to get your big business idea off the ground.

Rockstar Youth help 18-30 year-olds become successful entrepreneurs by providing business mentors and extensive funding opportunities to help make a business idea into a reality.

They have access to the £112 million Government fund available to them through the James Caan and David Cameron backed Start up Loans initiative. Rockstar Youth then support you in establishment and growth with their heavy weight team of mentors and business people who have scaled and sold their own businesses for an average of £18million!

They have made it happen for hundreds already, now they want to make it happen for you and Charlie is here to tell you how.

Why did Kiss FM get involved with Rockstar Youth?
Kiss is all about supporting youth and encouraging new talent and enthusiasm so it’s a great partnership for Kiss and Rockstar to work together

How do you apply for a Rockstar loan?
It’s so simple to apply, you need to visit their website and fill in your details and a rough idea of what you’d need a loan for, it’s that simple, takes 20 mins at max.

What, or who, inspires and motivates you?
My family are the most inspiring, as they’re always supporting me – my mum and dad are probably my biggest motivators also my brother, as he comes to all of my DJ gigs and is now my tour manager and he’s running his own events company called El Suicidio, as well as organising gigs. He works alongside my management team at Safehouse management.

What can participants expect from their mentors at Rockstar Youth?
Help and advise 24/7 which I think separates this company from any other. You can get loans from lots of companies but I think it’s the advice you gain before and after that makes Rockstar Youth unique. You will be given the details and contacts of your mentor who will then be on call for you whenever you need their help

What advice would you give to girls who strive to be as successful and determined like you?
Don’t give up, don’t get deflated as I’ve been told “no” more times than “yes” but now the “yes’s” are out weighing the “no’s”. Stay focused, work hard and be prepared to work 24 hours a day -literally – but most of all try and enjoy getting to where you want to be, enjoy every minute of it so that you appreciate when you do succeed in your goals.

What are your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Again stay focused, really think about not only your business ideas now but where you see it in say 10-15 years, think about your market, social network and how that can benefit you and stay true to your brand and live your brand or idea.

If you received a start-up loan of £10,000 what business would you start and why?
That would be telling as I have a few new business ideas of my own which I am developing but I’ll let you into a secret that it does involve DJ-ing, music and getting my own tracks out there, as I made my first house track under a month ago and I’m working hard to get it signed but hopefully I’ll be able to tell you guys more about that soon.

To apply for a Rockstar Youth Start-up Loan and free mentoring go to

The next incubators are:
• Thursday 25th London
• Saturday 27th Bristol
• Monday 13th May London
• Saturday 18th May Liverpool