Mad Max: Fury Road star Charlize Theron bring her star power, glamour and her sophisticated looks to the new campaign from Capitol Grand South Yarra.

Bet you thought this was a fashion campaign? or is it?? Capitol Grand is a Melbourne’s (Australia) first six-star residential and retail destination. After we viewed these adverts we decided our next destination will be Capitol Grand South Yarra. The images were captured by James White and feature the Mad Max: Fury Road actress wearing elegant gowns and dresses while posing in the luxurious accommodations.

You may have been mistaken at first for thinking this was a Chanel advert, as these adverts are the classiest residential adverts we think we have ever seen. Take a look below. You know you want to go to South Yarra, don’t you?

charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign01 charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign02 charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign03 charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign04 charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign05 charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign06 charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign07 charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign08 charlize-theron-capitol-grand-ad-campaign09

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