So yesterday I had the chance to check out a name that is already being touted as a bonafide name to watch out for: Charlotte OC. Her EP, Colour My Heart was released late last year and it was a huge. Since then she has reached a number of telling milestones; from performing at T In The Park to finding her name mentioned on the BBC 1 Introducing Playlist.

So with such info I had to check out her headline performance at Gold Dust and the name breaking venue of Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on the 20 08 14. I have to say after her performance Charlotte is indeed worth every telling superlative levelled at her.

Charlotte pics

This sexy lady is first and foremost a performer. No insipid perfection, rather banal and lacking any personality performance here. Expressive hand gestures, fairly regular stomping of the feet in her towering shoes, shutting of the eyes when it’s a real powerful note and a stare that my friend said makes her looked ‘possessed’. I think that might be true. She seems to feel each and every word and in turn engages her audience who take the journey with her through tracks that delve into relationships and the resulting gamut of emotions.

Charlotte is evidently a tightly wound bundle of  passion and sheer, raw energy. I would like to think is not a product of some advice to make her audience ‘engage’ but rather, the real Charlotte OC who just likes to smash each and every performance.

I remember when Jessie J performed at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen a while back and now look at her! Can Charlotte reach that level? Well of course, only time will tell but for sure she needs to be on your playlist and indeed she will be on radio playlists across the dial-she should be HUGE.

By the way did I say that she was so sexy if not Grhhh!?

Look out my full feature on Charlotte in my Future Flavours blog at the end of August.