From Sirens to Grow Up, and Stick and Stones to surprising her fans by marrying her boyfriend hairdresser Craig Monk who was actually on the cover shoot with Cher Lloyd when we feature her back in 2011.

Here is the first 3 questions we asked her in the interview.

So The X Factor is off again… If you were a contestant this year, who would you like to be your mentor?
Between Kelly and Tulisa, probably more like Tulisa.

Because I love the way she’s got to the position she is today and I like her style of music; I liked N-Dubz and I really like her as a person.

Are you still in contact with your former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole?
No [laughs].

And if you can read the FULL interview here

Here are the awesome images from the photo shoot.

Photography: Arron Dunworth
Styling: Gemma Swan and Neesha Sharma
Hair: Dionne Smith from De’Chars
Make-up: Katrina Appie