michelle-williams-2Shaftesbury Avenue brought one of the world’s megastars to London’s West End to play Ms Roxie Hart.

A whole host of well known faces have appeared in various roles since it first opened in 1997, so it gives great pleasure for us to have Miss Michelle Williams stars alongside theatre heavyweights Di Botcher and Leigh Zimmerman in the longest running Broadway musical in Europe’s theatre capital.

With nothing but a silver chair and a top hat on the stage the audience are advised to prepare for a display of murder, greed, vanity, adultery and jealousy. So simple, but yet effective enough to capture your attention.

The story follows, who I can only describe as a spoilt brat on her desperate plea for stardom through a dirt road of deceit and a level crossing of lust. She will use any means of dishonour to have her name on everybody’s lips.

The performance of the musical numbers had the crowd applauding after every verse as the chorus did flips and splits while keeping in tune and outstanding flexibility (although some of those moves made me squirm in my seat)!

Having studied drama and theatre studies and being a fan of the film, starring Renne Zellweger, I can see how much effort went into ensuring the live show was better than the 2002 film. Stylistic dance moves were used to portray anger and passion in a very seductive manner, which brought the play up to time, because as we all know, being sexy never goes out of style!

Words by Simone Byer