Tucked up on the first floor of the park plaza is where you can find this unique fusion restaurant Chino Latino.

With its delicious South American-style cocktails and Asian-inspired food, this is one not to miss.

We began our dining experience with two different prawn starters. While both the wasabi prawns and prawn tempura had their merits, it’s worth noting that they were pretty similar flavour-wise. Personally, I’d suggest opting for the prawn tempura over the wasabi prawns. The reason is that the wasabi prawns tend to lose their initial crispiness due to the fact they are smothered in the wasabi sauce. On the other hand, the prawn tempura showcased an impressive and substantial amount of crispy batter on these delicate crustaceans, and isn’t that what we’re really after?

The duck salad was beautifully presented and tasted quite nice, needed more dressing to bump up the flavour and moisture as was a bit lacklustre. However the little bundles of black cod wrapped up in spinach were my fave, It was delicious, light and scrumptious. 

Beef taquitos- I didn’t know what to expect, but the presentation was so cool. With different layers of red onion, avocado, beef and pepper sauce, I really enjoyed this an the presentation was so fab. 


The highlight of the evening undoubtedly came from the main course. A return visit to Chino Latino is already on my radar. Can’t stop thinking about those lamb cutlets. These cutlets captured the essence of Southeast Asian flavours, skillfully infused by the perfect amount of chargrilled flavour on these succulent chops. 

Moving on to the Pork Belly, it was visually impressive, receiving a perfect 10/10 for presentation. Beyond its stunning appearance, the flavours were nothing short of fantastic. A delightful fusion emerged, it was a marriage between a Chinese soy sauce base and an English apple sauce—though intriguingly, the source of this harmony was a nashi pear. This unexpected twist added a unique dimension to the dish, earning a chef’s kiss of approval. 

With all that meat I opted for a fresh and crisp accompaniment of baby spinach and tenderstem broccoli although my favourite side was the cassava chips, I loved these! They were so light, lighter than a potato chip, which confused me as I always think of cassava as so much denser than potato, I actually feel like I might even prefer it (Don’t tell the spuds I’m cheating on them). 


The Dessert was not for me, if you like the taste of frozen yoghurt you might like this, It was a pistachio sorbet, but I couldn’t taste the nutty flavour.  

Myself and my guest had some fun cocktails, neither of us could agree which ones we liked the most, but they were well made and it was great trying cocktails I’ve never had before. 

All in all, I enjoyed my time at Chino Latino. The lovely servers were very attentive, with a beautiful view overlooking the Thames. If you like people watching I would recommend sitting by the massive windows. 

Thanks for the deliciousness Chico Latino, I will see you soon.

Chino Latino is situated at the Park Plaza Riverbank, 18 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TJ – Visit https://chinolatino.co.uk/locations/london/ for more info