A set of kitchen knives

Want to choose the right knife? With a huge number of options, identifying the purpose of the knife and how it functions is important.

Do you want a knife for carving or for cutting or for survival, it’s pretty confusing. Visiting an online knife shop UK might help you choose from so many options.

Don’t know how to choose an appropriate knife? Here is a guide to simplify how each of the knives serves a purpose and hence finding a knife that is suitable for the work.

Finding the right chef knife

A good chef knife is a kitchen essential and something that every chef must possess. With an epic collection of chef knives, finding something that is suitable for you and well-balanced is critical. The knives are mostly made from stainless steel or carbon steel, with a sharp blade tapered towards the end. The chef knife is used for a range of food preparation tasks like chopping, slicing fresh ingredients, mincing etc. Make sure the handle is ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold.

Kitchen knife and sliced cucumbers on a chopping board

Utility knives

These are versatile knives that come in handy for multiple chores starting from slicing meat, chopping veggies, clearing bushes etc. These types of knives are those which often have a longer blade. These knives are carried by people during outdoor adventures or for camping purposes.

Defence knives

These are tactical knives that are often used for self-defence and to improve the odds of survival. Here are a few things you might want to consider before picking up a defence knife:

  • The ease of carrying the knife is a critical aspect that you must not avoid. As the sole purpose of the knife is to use it as a self-defence tool and even do camping chores, make sure it is of appropriate size. It should be small enough not beyond 5 to 6 inches so that it is easy to carry. Try to carry a knife with a sheath to prevent injuries.
  • Pocket folding knives have dominated the industry for a decade because of their compactness and portability. It is right for you if you are going on an outdoor adventure as it is small and convenient to carry.
  • The shape and style of the blade are other aspects to consider when purchasing a knife for self-defence. Hence, a blade that is suitable for stabbing thrusting as well as cutting is versatile and serves numerous purposes.

hunting and defence knife

Hunting knife

The hunting knives are designed for a game experience and are staples for hunters or outdoor enthusiasts. The hunting knives are designed with a standard straight-blade sheath knife which is intended for hunting, skinning and related purpose. These knives are majorly straight and often are enclosed within a sheath. As the knife blade is razor sharp, it helps in efficient skinning, and some knives even have a dull, barbed hook towards the tip of the knife.

Survival knives

These are sturdy and strong knives which often have a hollow handle that is convenient to hold ad use. Such knives have an end with an O-ring seal that helps in keeping water out of the handle. However, survival knives vary from region to region. Kukri, for example, is a traditional combat knife that is quite popular in Asia that originated in Nepal. The machete is also used as a survival knife as it is a long wide blade and helps in chopping and clearing the bushes.

As you walk into a shop with knives, it is better to determine your purpose and pick a knife that serves the purpose well. If you are going outdoors or camping, it is best to carry a lightweight, compact knife for its ease of carrying and portability.

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