Ciru Maina is not just a pretty face…


Kenya’s new fashion ‘It’ girl, Ciru Maina is a top model who uses her visibility with activism to bring attention and raise funds for charities and worthwhile causes.

With her edgy and striking looks and an imposing 5’10 in barefoot height, she is the newly appointed global Ambassador to the ‘Heart 2 Heart Foundation’ – a charitable organisation dedicated to providing heart surgery to underprivileged children.

Ciru talks about her break into modelling as well as her mission to help others. She also shares some of her own beauty tips!

How did you break into the world of modelling?
My biggest breakthrough happened when I was in Sudan on a modelling job and I met the CEO of global entertainment company Greyology Inc. who saw my potential to be a great model and took me on. From there I became more selective with the kind of work I did and made each job count.

Did you always want to be a model or was there something else that you wanted to do?
With my long legs people were always pushing me to model and somehow I knew I had to go for it but otherwise I always wanted to be a pilot. But I have no regrets as I am still seeing the world with my modelling career.

What clients have you worked with?
There are so many but one of my favourites was amazing Senegalese designer Mame Fagueye for the Fashion for Peace shows.

How do you prepare yourself for a big fashion shoot?
I generally just try to relax, rest well and drink lots of water.

24317_108500372521064_100000833042142_72186_7239014_nWhich make-up product could you never live without?
Lip gloss

How do you relax?
I relax by reading a book or simply lounging in front of my tv.

What’s your essential beauty tip?
My beauty tip is to drink lots of water and try to look as natural as possible even in make up.

What will you be wearing this season?
Hot Jackets and Skinny Jeans with my favourite Jimmy Choos.

Worst part about being a model?
The worst thing is getting used to rejection and then when you get booked you can often feel like an object not a person but its all part of the job. It’s tough but I try to always stay positive.

Describe your own personal sense of style.
Edgy and funky with hints of retro.

Is a model’s lifestyle as glamourous as it looks or is there some hard work involved?
Of course its nice to get invited to all the glamorous events and parties but like any other job being focused and working hard is a must to stay on top of your game, also eating healthily and staying in shape.

24557_110862152284886_100000833042142_79545_6109675_nIs the fashion industry as backstabbing as TV shows make it out to be?
It definitely is! Because you are either in or you’re out and you can only imagine what some models would do to stay in. I try to stay out of all that by shaking off all the negativity around by being careful who I mix with.

Are there any models that you look up to or aspire to be like?
Ajuma is an athlete turned supermodel, Iman for being a supermodel icon turned entrepreneur, Heidi Klum who has her own show and Kate Moss for staying on top because that is where I want to be and stay…

What charity’s and causes do you support and why?
In fact my career is now dedicated to supporting charities, I mostly support childrens charities because I believe children are our future… I was recently made the international ambassador to the Heart 2 Heart Foundation for the prevention and treatment of heart diseases in children and I also support children’s homes and scholarship funds amongst other things.

What do you love most about being from Kenya?
I am proud to be from such a beautiful, multicultural, cosmopolitan country such as Kenya.


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