‘I wanted to get a little trimmer and make my assets pert,’ Cleo tells Flavour as they prepare to star in Pop Goes The Band on LIVING

Cleo from Nineties girl group Cleopatra tells Flavour why she reformed the group with her sisters to undergo cosmetic surgery on a new TV show.

Can you tell me about your new show on LIVING?
The show is called Pop Goes The Band and it starts on LIVING on October 8. The channel offered us [her and her sisters] free makeovers and the chance to perform again in front of our fans and family. Yonah and I had breast lifts and we’ve also been dieting, working out and having lots of beauty treatments. Each show focuses on a different group and you can catch the Cleopatra episode in October.

Are you happy with the results?
At the start of all this, I wanted to get a little trimmer and make my assets pert, which I think I’ve got. I’m really happy with how it went.

Why did you decide to have cosmetic surgery at such a relatively young age?
I’m 26, but I’ve had two kids and things had gone a little south. I’m happy to exercise to tone up, which I have done, but some things don’t go back to how they were whatever you do, so surgery was my only option. I wouldn’t have a facelift or any Botox though as you can’t really battle with nature to that degree.

Young women are increasingly encouraged to focus on their outward appearance do you feel this is a cause for concern?

It’s a big issue. I worry about my appearance but only to a certain degree and I think people can take it too seriously. I only agreed to go through this process because it makes good TV and it’s a great opportunity for me, but normally I probably wouldn’t have elected to undergo any kind of surgery.

What does beauty mean to you?

Surface beauty is fun and it helps to look good, but some people worry far too much about their
image. Beauty comes from within, a lot of people say it but they don’t actually believe that it’s the truth.

What is your daily beauty regime at the moment?
I use ‘Simple’ products, which I love as they have no fragrance or unnecessary ingredients and they leave me feeling clean and soft. I’ll pop my mascara, blush and lip gloss on and I’m out the door.

How does your beauty style differ from when you first came onto the music scene?

When we got our first record deal it was always funky and poppy as we were very young; lots of blue eye shadow and Mac Lip Gloss. Now we love to look glamorous but we’re also influenced by punk and have been incorporating that into our currently updated look.

Do you have a signature fragrance that you love?
I love Mariah Carey’s ‘M’ perfume, I can’t stop wearing it.

Name one beauty product that will always be in your purse?
I always have Mac Lip Gloss in there, it’s my staple and I can’t leave the house without it.

One top beauty tip?
Never wear a thick lip liner under your lip gloss. Always apply a thin layer for the best results and blend, blend, blend.

Words by Rachelle Hull

Cleopatra will be appearing on Pop Goes The Band showing on LIVING now.



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  2. want to know what sugery is that cleo got done apart from the boob job, as i am so paranoid abt my stretch marks and would love to get it done. please contact me back. x x

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