When things combine it’s not always the greatest thing. You only have to look at Five and Queen’s We Will Rock You duet to realise that. But in terms of branding it can be a powerful tool, and one that can often bring incredible results.

For many it’s a match made in heaven. Bono’s (RED) has successfully co-branded with the likes of Coca Cola, Starbucks, and Apple, whilst others have created a long running partnership with one brand creating successful campaign after successful campaign.

Apple & Nike
Sports giants Nike have been at the forefront of this for many years. Their fusion with Apple to create the Nike + tracker in 2006 has helped the average person become an athlete. The ability to monitor times and record workouts has revolutionised the life of a casual jogger, and now has over 18 million members using their fitness app.

Best Western & Harley Davidson
A hotel chain and the king of the open road. Sounds just about perfect. The pair hooked up in 2006 and celebrated a further global partnership last year as part of Harley’s 110 birthday celebrations.

Hog owners receive discount on rooms as well as many other perks that not only stretch along America’s highways, but worldwide.

PokerStars & Cancer Research UK
It’s a year on from when PokerStars operator, the Rational Group, and Cancer Research UK joined forces to come up with an innovative new mobile app to help in the fight against cancer. And boy did they do it.

Released at the beginning of 2014, the Play to Cure: Genes in Space game creates routes for spacecraft using real genetic patterns to then be sent back to scientists for analysis. It’s a quest through the universe for gamers, a quest to find a genetic link to cancer for experts. It makes perfect sense.

Michael Jordan & Nike
At one point it seemed Jordan was destined for Adidas sneakers. Decades on and the Jordan name is synonymous with the Oregon based brand, so much so the first release in 1985 arguably kick-started a sneaker culture that has yet to fade.

Jordan is a brand in himself, just as David Beckham is, and 29 years on, ten years out of basketball, the Bulls legend still earns himself $60 million in royalties thanks to his iconic footwear.

Nokia & Aston Martin
This special edition collaboration dates back to 2006 and added more than a dash of James Bond to the Swedish mobile phone company. The Nokia 8800 sold at £940 per set and included a branded screensaver and wallpaper as well as a stainless steel sliding case with the Aston logo etched on.

There were only ever 250 made of the device, and they have gone on to become big collector’s items, but when it has all the style and class of Bond himself, it’s hardly surprising.