Cocktail Masterclass - K West Hotel

Take your party hosting skills to the next level and become the cocktail connoisseur you’ve always wanted to be with K West Hotel’s Cocktail Masterclass.

Led by the expertise of the mixologists at Studio Bar, the 1.5-hour masterclass includes a guide on how to perfect the art of the Strawberry Daiquiri or Lavender Lychee Martini and become an expert mixologist overnight.

Priced at £30 per person, the masterclass is suitable for groups of between 4 and 8 people and includes the masterclass session as well as appetizing bar nibbles and can be booked between 4pm and 7pm from Monday to Sunday.

Cocktail Masterclass - K West Hotel

And by the end of the session you will have learned how to mix; shake and serve like a professional so that the next time you host a party you can show off your cocktail making skills with expert ease.

K West Hotel & Spa’s fun and vibrant ambiance are fused with ultimate relaxation in a prime location. Situated in Shepherd’s Bush, the hotel is on the doorstep of Westfield shopping centre, the largest urban retail destination in Europe. Fashionable areas such as Notting Hill, Portobello Road, and Kensington are also just a short walk away.

To book your masterclass, simply visit