Coke Zero is calling for all passionate, creative and innovative dancers to join their quest to find the newest global dance craze. 

In collaboration with Jon Chu, the director of Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D, the drinks giant is searching for talented dancers to upload their interpretations of what they think could be the newest dance trend. Forget about the macarena and the migraine skank, Coke Zero and Jon Chu are looking for the next generation in dancing, the kind of innovation that can build up hype and potentially make a change. Jon is the creator of the LXD (Legion of eXtraordinary Dancers) series which sees rival dance groups, in the form of heroes and villains, display their skills in an operatic manner. Choreographed by Christopher Scott (Step Up 2/3D) and Harry Shum Jr (‘Mike’ in Glee), its members come from a variety of disciplines, ranging from hip-hip and krumping to ballet and tap. The series, whose leading sponsor is Puma, donates half of its revenue to non-profit organisation ‘Invisible Children’.

So, the challenge for you guys at home is to think beyond current and think BIG, the pairing want to launch a trend that will be rocked in at schools, in clubs, at home – think GLOBAL. You don’t have to be a professional to get involved and one person’s actions can make anything possible so if you think you’ve got a great idea, head over to the Coke Zero ‘Make It Possible’ website now. On the site you can download a fresh track to record your dance move to and then once you’ve got it, head back to upload it for all to view! Then share it with all of your friends to see if it catches on!

This article is sponsored by Coke Zero.

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