Comic Con certainly took over social media this year and thanks to the people at Way Too Blue we have a few stats and a cool infographic to share with you.

There was an increase in Comic Con mentions by 53% from last year, made between Wednesday, July 8th and Sunday July, 12th 2015. There 1.7 Million in 2014 vs 2.6 Million in 2015.


  • TV dominated discussion: 8 of the top 10 most mentioned titles were TV shows, led by ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice towered over other film titles. – The official trailer release generated over 200,000 more mentions for Zack Snyder’s film than any other title.
  • Despite “Winning” Comic Con, Deadpool generated the 11th largest volume (147,413 mentions). Suicide Squad (122,627 mentions) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (115,979 mentions) ranked 12th and 13th respectively.
  • Comic Con 2015 was more female according to Twitter – 57% of mentions this year were made by females, compared to 53% of mentions from last year’s event.
  • Overall mentions of the Top 10 titles has increased by over 739K, last year’s top 10 titles generated 1.5M mentions, compared to the 2.3M generated this year.
  • #SDCC was the most popular hashtag, receiving 1,505,490 mentions

We can’t help but wonder if the new found love of the comic book turned film amongst a wider audience has made the difference in the increase of numbers. Let’s see if the next Comic Con can out do these numbers.