Teflon Concealer

Concealer Lust List Must Haves. We all need a little helping hand. On those days when ya wake up with a spot, or dark circles looking extra dark. Why not try my Flavour concealer top picks.

On my quest to find the ultimate concealers. I have got the low down on some best buy’s, that you may have not even heard of. All at affordable prices.

First up Sheer Cover. I’ve heard of them, and seen their celebrity endorsements.  As far as their advertising goes it never really appealed to me, perhaps because it’s filmed for an American T.V audience, rather than a cynical Brit like myself. I’ve now given  the Sheer cover Conceal and Brighten Trio ago. This turned out to be a great little cream compact. It has two different shade concealers; in case one doesn’t match perhaps? I found that having two shades was really beneficial, I could use the lighter shade under my eyes, to lighten and brighten my dark circles; the darker shade on the other area’s of my face to conceal redness or my blemishes. They have also added in a little white highlighter. This is a cream highlight and adds a gentle shine to the cheeks or brow bone. Plus there is a Tiny mirror in the compact. This is the most expensive product I have reviewed but I think it deserves to be on this list as it’s 2 concealers and a highlighter, £24.94  from the Sheer Cover website

Sheer cover concealer

Next up. Want to get all natural with your products. Well many of us do now days, So boy do I have a good product for you. I am always slightly skeptical with natural products, do they really work? This concealer by Lavera is really good, and I don’t mean good for something organic, it’s genuinely a good concealer. Made from 100% all natural ingredients, and is also Vegan. It comes in a lip gloss type tube and has an applicator, so you can simply pop it on. It’s light and creamy, almost mouse like, and blends in to create a lovely finish. You can buy this at Whole Foods for £10.90.

Lavera organic concealer

Next up from the high street is: No7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer, This seems rather similar to the Dior touche eclat under eye concealer that every one raved about a few years ago. The Boot’s version comes in 8 shades and has a clicker at the top and a brush the product comes out at the bottom.   It helps us get rid of those everyday bags, or perhaps those “morning after the night before” super bags! The first time I used this product I incorporated it into my cosmetics bag straight away, based on the quick ease of use alone I really like this product. To have something so quick and easy; just a couple of clicks, and then onto the under eye area and be done with, is eye-deal (get it eye-….. bad joke) This isn’t a concealer to use all over the face, you would probably end up glowing  like an iridescent light bulb, but specifically for under eye’s this truly does the job. You can buy this at Boots for £13.50

No.7 Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer


essence match2cover cream concealer Is a small duo of cream concealers. The consistency is a little thick, meaning that this offers a high coverage. There are two shades in each compact, so if you get a little tanned you can use the darker or if it’s winter time you can use the lighter, or mix them together to create the right shade for you. This is an absolute bargain. It may not feel super luxurious but It covers all the bad looking bits it’s supposed to and is long lasting. You can purchase this at Wilko at an amazing £2.49

essence match2cover concealer

Another concealer with a clicker on one end and a brush on the other. I know if feels like Deja vu, but I had to give this one ago. You know why? It’s got Teflon in it! Exactly bullet proof face. Maybe I am exaggerating; it actually has Teflose in it that offers protection like it’s teflon to cover up blemishes and also shield the skin from acne bacteria and reduce inflammation. So maybe don’t shoot me in my face it’s more of a skin level war zone: My desire to have good skin Vs. Bacteria and spots.  This is a very light concealer, that come out the end of a brush. It’s a very soft texture that glides over the skin. It isn’t something that you can really build up the coverage with. If you do have acne this might be a better option so as not to increase the acne. This is a light concealer, it leaves a really beautiful dewy glow, and is a light coverage. This is available to buy online at the SkinShop and is priced at 11.95

Teflon Concealer

Last but not least. I thought it a good idea to mention my go-to concealer brush. I use the Lab 2 concealer brush. It’s very soft to the touch which is why I like to use it on those delicate areas. It helps with precise application especially as it’s so small.

Lab 2 concealer brush

There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re acne prone, or just need to cover those dark circles, or if you need some help with redness or blemishes, one of these will work for you.

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