You may have heard of these five boys from their amazing covers, well tonight we got to see them perform Labrinth’s ‘Earthquake’ as part of their audition.

They are Karim, Scott, Nathan, Ben and Matt who are all 20, they have brilliant vocals as a band.

From following the boys on twitter, seeing have a fantastic fan base behind and to watching their audition tonight means big things for them for the future.

It’s great to finally see a band up there performing with a guitar, as not many boy bands these do, less of the moaning and bring back the guitars!

The boys have known each other for ages and you may recognise Ben as One Direction’s Harry styles cousin, so you can see where the talent lies in the family and a good looking bunch too.

I’m aware that the next step is the arena rooms and I know that all the Connie’s out there will be behind them as they are doing so well right now.

I want to share their cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Sing’ so if you are a new fan then get following and supporting the boys with the rest of us as we want these lads to go far!!

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