‘Good kid mad city, where I’m from it’s mad gritty, don’t think Kendrick could survive!’   

Rapping over a beat reminiscent of the 90’s Hip-Hop’s Golden Age, it’s clear to see where Coops’ influence lies as he goes back to back with feature artist Rexx. ‘Blessings’ demonstrates the lyrical genius of the 23-year-old and his ability to draw the listener in to every word. His deep and mindful views on his gritty surroundings and generation set on the backdrop of the looping keys and drum-laden beat make for a track that will give you some real food for thought.

Set for release on June 2nd via his own website, the ‘Lost Soul’ mixtape is a collection of tracks which represent a number of different meanings and emotions, as the title implies.

“Lost Soul is a reflection of my generation, both musically and spiritually – I’m trying to bring back some of that soul that music had when I was growing up.”

After winning the Choice FM Breakthrough Competition in 2013, Coops was given the opportunity to perform at the London o2 with Hip-Hop royalty, Nas. The series of events instilled a new self-belief within the rapper. Having previously used music as a pastime, the young Londoner’s passion for the craft was ignited and following the completion of a degree in performing arts at Southampton University, Coops set to work on his mixtape ‘Lost Soul’.

With an equally captivating video, ‘Blessings’ is a track that will reach out to your senses. The enchanting beat will keep your head bopping, the meaningful lyrics will get you thinking and the video will keep you watching; Coops.