They say that it’s ok to follow in someone else’s footsteps, but to ensure you leave your own prints in the sand of success. With the same influences of all the greats in the game, you can’t help but think he’s going to be another rnb crooner over doing a classic with riffs and falsettos more frightening that thunder- yet I stand corrected!

Out comes this soulful, down to earth brother from the corner of the stage, composed in earth tones for that sultry effect (pulled off nicely!), and extremely humble as he starts to thank everyone who has helped him to get this far in his career.

He kicks off his showcase with what has to be my favourite track from him at the moment, A Man of This World. The band, for me, made this song extremely impeccable! From the intro of this song, you can see what this guy is all about! The art he performs is painted with passion all over his face as he delivers the type of music that shouldn’t be lacking in mainstream.

A personal highlight of his showcase was his performance of Sweet Dependency; the relationship between himself and the band shone rays throughout this track and created an atmosphere that is missing in music. Looking in the audience there was not one head that was not moving to his compositions. The kind of music that you can have a nice drive home to, singing to yourself like the person in the next lane isn’t watching you- when you know they are!

If I had to compare him to another artist, it would have to be Maxwell- but he does have his own element to everything. With Corneille taking new millennium motown to a higher level, consider yourself warned about The Birth of Cornelius.

Words by Simone Byer