When it comes to adverts not many make us sit back and think about what it is exactly we want, in the long term, from the product we are being sold. Most of us want what looks good and will do for now. Most of the time it’s just an impulse buy.

However, when I saw the infographic for Super Amart, it made me realise for the amount of money we spend on our furniture shouldn’t we sit back and take some time to consider just how long we want the furniture we make an investment in to last!

As the caption says, your furniture will be at the centre of your life and yes if it could speak, really how many stories would it be able to divulge. Whether its stories of the good or bad times in your life, as it suggests our furniture holds a hell of a lot of memories. Memories are part of what makes us who we are, they are important to all of us. I for one can think of many happy a time experienced on my sofa and I don’t want to let that go any time soon.

As a whole, concentrating on one boy, from the beginning of his life until he moves out of home to start a family of his own. Highlighting every celebration and important step in one person’s life is a pretty effective idea. It puts the thought of “long term” instantly in your head, making you think about your furniture future. Which one of us want to constantly think about having to change or can afford to keep changing our sofa/bed etc because something has broken?

The concept of delivering this advert in the form of a cartoon may seem a little strange considering the target audience are adults, but we are all aware of how popular those adult cartoons are so why not use this form to entice your market. We all have that big kid inside of us which cartoons will appeal to, and quite frankly aren’t we just a little sick and tired of those fake smiles from those good looking actors/models trying to sell us inferior goods?

So if you’re intrigued as I was to see exactly what kind of furniture Super Amart is offering, take a trip over to their website at I think you may just find something for every taste.