Turn heads (in a good way) with these fragrances for men. Whether you’re going for a job interview or on that all-important first date, the cologne you wear could be a deal breaker.

There are so many to choose from, you’d better start with one that suits your taste. First apply it to test the smell and then allow it to settle so you can detect its true scent. Oily skin can create an intense odour while dry skin doesn’t hold scent as well, so consider changing the scent from lighter to stronger in hotter and colder climates. Scent is such an individual thing – your favourite smell can disgust someone else. Laboratory experts also advice switching colognes from a more affordable softer one for during the day to a stronger ‘exclusive’ one for an evening. Men’s perfumes hold a mix of fragrance ingredients – whether artificial or natural – to get that individual aroma.

The top note is the first one you smell and tends to be citrus. The middle is the true scent and can have a fern-like odour. The base note is more apparent once the fragrance begins to fade and has a stronger woody element. And if that’s not enough, Lynx experts have developed a scent to keep girls intrigued with a changeable fragrance from the Lynx Twist range. It starts off fresh and citrusy before moving from smooth to sensual. Why not try it and these others?