Installing a conservatory onto your home can bring in extra light and more room to your home, but for many of us they remain underused and under loved.

To give you some inspiration of how to best use your space, we’ve rounded up six ways that you can make the most of your conservatory.

Make an extra sitting room

Modern homes rarely offer enough space to entertain guests, so using your conservatory as a second sitting room can open up new possibilities for you to unwind with guests. Whether you want to catch up over a drink or just watch television, having a second sitting room in your home can be beneficial to the whole family, and a conservatory with blinds is an ideal space for such a room.

Use it as your workspace

Instead of turning a spare bedroom into a home office, you could use your conservatory to work from home. Light, airy and away from the buzz of your home, conservatories can be great places to get productive. In fact, 13.7% of the UK workforce now works from home, so even if you don’t, turning your conservatory into an office could be a great selling point if your home is on the market.

Build up a home gym

Let’s face it – commuting to the gym after a long day at work isn’t ideal. Whether you’re just too tired or a monthly membership isn’t cost-effective, investing in some basic gym equipment like a cross-trainer and weights could be great for your health. A conservatory is a great place to build your own home gym because it’s likely to be a bright, airy space, which is great for your motivation.

Use it as a greenhouse

If you have green fingers, then conservatories are the ideal rooms to grow and nurture your plants. Nature thrives in warm, indoor rooms, and by selecting the right house plants, you will be able to boost the air quality of your home in the process. For maximum effect, make sure you choose a conservatory with large, rotatable windows, like the ones offered by the Buckinghamshire window and conservatory company, so your plants can absorb the maximum light from outdoors and get some fresh air every once in a while.

Make your own games room

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kid or a grownup – games rooms are a lot of fun! If you want a new place to relax and spend quality time with family and friends, then adding a pool or other games table into your conservatory can transform your home in minutes. If you regularly entertain, then install a bar, some plasma screen televisions and a dart board to create the ultimate bachelor pad!

Extension of your kitchen

Kitchens are becoming an increasingly more important part of our homes – we want to use them to entertain, to cook and to eat together. You could use your room as an extension of your kitchen, so whether you add a dining table, kitchen units or even electrical devices like washing machines and dishwashers, a conservatory is a quick-fix for giving your kitchen more space and some natural light.