Your coffee table ties everything in your living room. Some stylish ones can help you pull your entire room design together. No matter what decorating style you have, coffee tables are one of those furniture pieces that add extra personality and style to your home.

Start with a Clean Slate

A great place to start is with an actually good-looking coffee table. Now, don’t get me wrong, decor works wonders, but it can’t make ugly furniture right. You can get a lovely, durable, affordable coffee table from reputable vendors like Serena and Lily.

But if you already have a good coffee table, clear everything off it to start. Now you have a blank slate to work with and endless possibilities to get inspired from. Add new elements with more thought and intention instead of just for the sake of adding more stuff to it.

Create Layers and Heights

Mix heights and layers — adding objects of different heights is one of the elements that make a table come to life. Heavy coffee table pieces add weight to the room.

To balance the look of the table, mix taller and shorter coffee table pieces. For example, instead of just placing something decorative flat on the table, place it on a stack of books. The stack of books adds height, while a short coffee table piece gives it a well-rounded look.

If you have a taller vase or candle holder, add a shorter coffee table piece next to it. The goal is to create a beautiful display of objects on your table.

Use Natural Elements

Add some greenery — bringing the outdoors inside creates a calm and inviting vibe. Add a plant or some flowers onto your coffee table to sprinkle in some nature. If your coffee table is small, try some succulents. You can use polished stones or driftwood for a heavy vibe.

Personal Touches and Unique Finds

Tell a story — your coffee table, or any furniture for that matter, can tell a story about your life and interests. Add small items to your coffee table that reflect your personality. 

Use coffee table pieces with some sentimental meaning or things you’ve collected over the years. Add an interesting antique set of gadgets, a cool photo in a stylish frame, or an offbeat trinket from a fun vacation.

Use Trays for Organization

Find yourself a large tray—you’ll want to add one to your coffee table. A tray is functional and stylish and keeps small items in place, anchoring the entire look of your coffee table.

Find a tray that reflects your coffee table and style. Metal trays are nice for a very modern vibe, and wood trays add warmth and texture. To add a little more style, place a fancy candle, seasonal objects, and other items on top.

Play with Color and Texture

Get creative and combine colours and textures to make your coffee table artistic. Try mixing glossy and matte, hard and soft, and light and dark items.

Add a colourful book, a textured bowl, and a woven tray. All of these different elements mixed together add up to a more dimensional and interesting look.

Add Books for Substance

Books are a tried and true classic when it comes to dressing a coffee table. They add height, colour, and dimension. 

Invest in a few nice, quality coffee table books. You want these to reflect your personal style.

Place them in threes and top them with a smaller object (a candle, or a piece of pottery). Adding books doesn’t just elevate the look of the coffee table but acts as a great conversation starter for guests.

Seasonal Updates

One of the best parts about dressing up your coffee table is that it’s so easy and fun to change up seasonably. Mix and match. Switch it up with a vase of tulips and a pastel-printed candle for spring.

Or swap the books for a mini pumpkin and a bowl of pine cones in the fall. Just making a few tweaks will help everything feel updated and fresh again. 

Once you get all of your little objects into place, step back and survey your table. How does It look as a whole? Sometimes, less is more. 

Don’t be afraid to play around with different items to get the coffee table that you’ve always wanted. Use those variable heights, play with textures, and add a bit of nature and personality. Have fun! 

Images via Unsplash