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If you still haven’t got the memo about the Westbrooks sisters then your Instagram game is slipping. Crystal Westbrooks and her four sisters from Cali are proving that it pays to be liked on what is fast becoming BET’s most popular reality series.

Not quite America’s sweethearts but keeping it realer then the K-Dash sisters, Crystal Westbrooks and The Westbrooks are confident that they’re bringing something different and more relatable when compared to E!s reality stars. Second eldest Morgan Westbrooks once shut down comparisons between the two families of females, challenging that whilst the Kardashians were all quite similar (whether in terms of personality or career,) the Westbrooks were more unique as individuals. Talking of unique, it’s probably time we got to know another Westbrooks sister, wouldn’t you agree?

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Three weeks into their second series and we’re getting to know the shows second youngest sister, 21 year old Crystal Westbrooks. She’s the sister you’d bump into at Coachella, covered in flowers, Hula Hoop in tow or chilling out whilst getting her Zen on. She has a positive outlook on life, so expect to find her keeping out of drama’s way and focusing on energies of love and life. People usually have her pegged as the younger sister because of her oblivious and away with the fairies approach but just like India she’s ready to conquer and put her newfound fame to good use.

crystal westbrooks and india westbrooks

Crystal and younger sister India have nearly 3 million instagram followers between them and are keen to bring fire to the modelling world, another comparison for the sisters is their united front at teaching young girls of a similar age to empower themselves and to learn to love who they are. Crystal is a fan of her quirks and uses them to her advantage in modelling jobs. Follow her journey as she dates, studies and dips her toes into the world of presenting.

crystal westbrooks

So here’s the 10 reasons why we’re following Crystal Westbrooks on Instagram-

1. She’s into Peace & Loving

With her breezy and positive approach towards life and others, we can’t get enough of Crystal Westbrooks sunny attitude and good vibes. We definitely could do with more people like her.

2. She’s an animal lover

Is it a surprise she’s into animals? We think not, and Crystal looks very at home here with this giraffe. You can often find her posing surrounded by mother nature, in her zone.

3. Her versatile hair

Crystal is the most adventurous when it comes to switching up her hairstyles and we’re loving her recent move into braids and dreads, even if she does miss her curly locks. Scroll through her insta to decide whether cropped tresses, redhead tones or wild waves suits her best.

4. College girl inspo

Keeping it as real as possible, juggling a modelling career with college exams, this girl can! She may post stunning pictures but her picture captions show she’s equally brains as she is to beauty.

5. Swimsuit swagger

Some ladies dread a swimsuit but Crystal has it mastered, from sporty to sizzling hot, she’s got it, so she’ll flaunt it.

6. Freckles!

Giving us freckle envy Crystal is a natural beauty without makeup.

7. The Hippy

Soul sister, earth child, however you want to define her, her look is distinctive. She embraces baggy harem trousers, African kaftans and hippy chic attire, which ties into her good vibrations.

8. Wanderlust wannabe

She may cite travelling to her bed and the beach as part of her travels but we imagine Crystal will be travelling slightly further than that in the foreseeable future.

9. Wears her heart on her sleeve

Extremely endearing, it seems that Crystal doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. A free spirit and sometimes shy, she’s that girl next door type.

10. Energy magnet

From her body language to the colour of her clothes, Crystal knows that whatever you put out, you receive.

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The new series of The Westbrooks is on UK screen every Sunday on BET at 8pm. Sky 187 / Virgin 184 / Freesat 140.