Lionsgate Films and Miramax present this goretastic, horrifying Spanish language horror, Curandero: Dawn of the Demon, in spectacular fashion! Based on the mean streets of Mexico, federal agent Magdelena (Gizeht Galatea) calls in Curandero Carlos (Carlos Gallardo) in order to purify the local police station; their journey takes them deep into the Mexican underworld, finding themselves embroiled in a demonic, satanic cult bloodbath.

Foreign horror films are far from the norm and this is no different, Robert Rodriquez (Sin City, Machete) has adapted this screenplay to immerse us in Mexican tradition and folklore and over the top gore, gritty action and with what seems like a drug fueled visionary feast. If you fancy something different and are slightly bored of your normal horror film offering that offers the same story time and again then Curandero: Dawn of the Demon could just be for you.